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Jake Paul vows to cook ‘fat boy’ Daniel Cormier up, ‘Cleveland style’ – MMA Root

Like many other folks sitting at home last Saturday night, former double UFC champion Daniel Cormier somehow found himself tuned in to the Triller Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren boxing show. And like everyone else, I was quite amazed at how easily Jake the YouTuber defeated Askren, the longtime professional athlete.

“Look at this one. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh,” Cormier said as he watched his friend Ben get a TKO. “Oh, this guy punched Ben, man. Come on Ben. Come on Ben. Would you like this guy that man? Come on man. ”

“Someone’s got to do something with this Jake Paul, man,” he continued. “I guess you can pretend to be a fighter for a while longer. They’ll have to give it to someone real now, right? “

“DC” continued that thought on Twitter, wondering if Paul would ever face a legitimate threat.

At this point, Cormier is completely absorbed in the drama. He even intervened in footage of Tyron Woodley arguing with one of Jake Paul’s boxing coaches.

That led to Jake Paul calling for a double header: Paul vs. Cormier and Woodley vs. his trainer J’Leon Love. Everything in the boxing ring, of course.

That’s the strange power that Jake Paul has right now – everyone is yelling at him and talking trash and he loves every minute of it. If we were Daniel, we’d just step back so we don’t have to deal with Paul’s fanbase for the next year or two.

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