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Hate it or like it, this weekend is one of the most talked about combat sports events of the year, and as much as you hate to ignore it, chances are good that on Sunday you will spend at least 30 seconds finding it was revealed who came out on top when an inexperienced 24-year-old YouTube star donned gloves to box with the 36-year-old retired 36-year-old wrestling and MMA champion. That’s right, it’s time for us to seriously discuss this fight.

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren.

Good news for you readers – whether you’re hardcore or casual, or someone who wandered in here by accident after some damn algorithm sent you into Paul’s wormhole – you don’t have to wait until tonight to find out the winner. because MMA Fighting Alexander K. Lee and Jed Meshew are here to figure out what’s going to happen.

Will Askren send the fake Paul to pack, or will Paul stand behind his bragging rights and give Askren the ass that many predicted when this match was first announced?

Ben Askren’s case

Lee: I confess I went along with the most obvious narrative when it was first announced that Askren – not a striker during his illustrious 10-year MMA career coming out of major hip surgery – agreed to box with Paul. It turned out that Paul had the career savvy to pick the perfect opponent for his third-ever pro fight in Askren, an older and smaller opponent with a respected reputation for his accomplishments in the NCAA, Bellator, ONE Championship and, yes, even the UFC (in after all, he has an officially recognized victory over Robbie Lawler on his track record.)

Paul has said all the right things about his commitment to boxing over the past two and a half years. Askren found himself on the losing end in a wildly entertaining and sloppy stand-up battle with fellow grappling Demian Maya. The possibility that Paul would turn Askren into a viral clip like he did with Nate Robinson seemed as obvious as any other outcome.

But I thought about it now and removed the fur from my eyes. I will no longer be fooled by this new age merchant. I am referring to logic. Paul is a professional fighter by the strictest definition of the term, and he has never actually fought a professional fighter. Askren spent most of his life in martial arts and trained with people 100 times more talented than Paul.

Askren is going to win.

I don’t know exactly how he’s going to do it, but it pleases me to think that Askren gets in, grabs, makes it ugly, upsets Paul and wears him out with his veteran tricks. Paul once fought until round five as an amateur before turning pro, but then again, this was against some other YouTube jockey. Eight rounds with a real fighter that is proven to have a good gas tank? It will be a nightmare for this copycat.

Questions regarding Askren’s chin baffle me, even considering that Askren is technically retired and a little under 37. Robbie fucking lawler and should he be worried about Paul? I understand that there is a big difference between punching defense in MMA and punching defense in boxing, but how hard could Paul hit? More importantly, how many accurate shots will he land against someone who actually has a basic knowledge of martial arts techniques?

Ben Askren
ONE championship

All the pressure on Paul rests on doing it. I do think that Askren feels some of the weight of the MMA community on his shoulders, even though he has repeatedly denied that this is a factor leading up to this fight. But he has dealt with these high pressure situations all his life. When he competed at the Olympics. When he first fought in MMA. When he moved to the UFC as part of an exchange for Demetrius Johnson, one of the greatest fighters in history. Compared to all this, Paul’s boxing is a small note on the radar (except for the significant footprint he leaves on Askren’s bank account).

Listen, I get it. We’ve all seen what it looks like when Askren has to hit for a long period of time. It’s not beautiful. But it’s still a struggle, and even without the ability to shoot both feet or lift Paul and toss him to the mat, Askren knows how to fight and compete at a level that Paul simply doesn’t have a clue at this stage. his career. What happens when he squeezes Askren, but Askren does not fall? What happens when Askren stabs him, grabs him and throws a strand of Brillo right into Paul’s eyes? Then all the followers of social networks in the world will not be able to help Paul.

For a guy who has been a two-time national wrestling champion and title holder in two major MMA promotions, Askren is an odd choice for an outsider. He’s definitely not the most popular choice right now, and no one would be surprised if Paul really puts Funky on the bill. But I don’t think anyone should be surprised if Askren completely customizes it. After all, only one of these guys is a real fighter.

The Jake Paul Case

Meshew: Ben Askren is a two-time national wrestling champion. Ben Askren is a former Bellator and ONE Championship welterweight champion. Ben Askren Olympian… And he is also 107 years old.

Has everyone suddenly forgot why Askren decided to leave MMA, the sport in which he is the best and earned a lot of money? This is because he needed a hip replacement! This does not mean Paige VanZant’s arm is in constant disarray or Kamaru Usman’s knees are not very good, Askren’s torso is not working! Now he has not received a full-fledged hip replacement, but at the end of November Askren himself admitted that he was still several months away from the opportunity to train again, and that it would be about a year before he could completely switch to it again. I’m not a rocket doctor, but I don’t think there will be a year until April.

So what does this mean? This means that, by his own admission, the Askren we see on Saturday will not be 100 percent of his athletic ability. Luckily for Askren, he has a large supply of percussion moves that can be used against a relative beginner.

Oh wait no.

Despite all the sports awards that Askren carries with him – and there are many of them – none of them belongs to the world of fist fighting, and, as many noted, it was here that Askren turned out to be the worst of his career. Askren has never been and never will be a great boxer. He just doesn’t have the talent for it. Even against Demian Maya, another hopeless hitter, Askren found himself better off than he gave. When the K-1 Maia lands on you regularly, it’s a pretty serious problem.

But it’s not just that Askren is a bad boxer, it’s also way he’s a bad boxer. Askren can no doubt throw, but other than that, his punching instincts are flawed, in large part because the small number of punches he has should form the basis for his fight. Askren leans forward when boxing and constantly extends his arms, leaving his chin exposed as he tries to grab the clinch. In MMA, this means that he takes a shot, but then takes a dominant position. In boxing, this means he fires a shot and then rests a bit before they part.

On top of that, Askren does not seem to have any power. The little bumps we’ve ever seen from him were precision bumps that wouldn’t amount to anything more than tickling when he wears 10 oz gloves. Even if Jake Paul has a cotton candy jaw, it seems incredibly unlikely that Askren could actually harm him.

Jake Paul
Getty Images for Triller

This brings us to Paul himself. Look, you hate him, and I understand that. In fact, this is a reasonable position. But hate him or not, you can’t deny that he took the real sport of boxing and training very seriously. He is dedicated and has shown a certain aptitude for the sport. Will he ever be a good boxer? Not. But he is probably already a good celebrity boxer and is just getting better.

For how often the world of MMA screams that boxing and MMA are different, every time a boxer wants to try his hand against a world champion, the same crowd, oddly enough, does not sing this melody here, as Askren does the same. “Askren has combat sports experience so he wins, yeah! “” Conor will use MMA corners “at Floyd in 2021. Aside from the fact that Askren can get hit on the head without folding like a lawn chair, none of his MMA experience here in any way carries over.

Look, I understand the desire to choose Askren, really. Hell, just a few months ago I was totally against Paul when he ran into Nate Robinson, and I made the same argument. “Paul is a joke. Robinson is at least a true former professional athlete. It’s ridiculous. “But Paul proved that we are all wrong because he took it seriously and his opponent did not. The same is happening now. Paul is younger, faster and probably technically experienced, not to mention that he hits harder and doesn’t suffer from a body that has been systematically depleted over the past 30 years Jake Paul will win this fight and then move on to McPaul mania.


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