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James Krause Takes Blame for ‘Huge Coaching Error’ in Tim Elliott Loss at UFC Fight Night 194 – MMA Root

James Krause Takes Blame for ‘Huge Coaching Error’ in Tim Elliott Loss at UFC Fight Night 194

Spectators in UFC jerseys often have an inside look at training in the corners of fighters between rounds. In some cases, the advice given by the corners can be misleading – often because coaches and coaches view the match from a different angle.

After UFC Fight Night 194, James Krause, Tim Elliott’s coach at Glory MMA & Fitness, admitted that his instructions were to the detriment of his athlete. Eliot lost to Matheus Nicolau by unanimous decision, with the three judges submitting 29-28 scores in favor of the Brazilian.

Krause, meanwhile, saw a different fight from his cage seat and takes some responsibility for Elliott’s defeat.

“I made a huge training mistake tonight that I’m sure will haunt me for a while longer,” Cruz wrote on Instagram. “Going to [third] round I thought 100% sure we got 1 and 2. Regardless of whether this was true or not, I should have pushed Tim to work on the 3rd … and I did not.

“Win, lose or draw I’m so proud of the improvements Tim has made over the last year. His willingness to learn and train is what makes him so incredible. Lack of fear of competition is something we can all get and learn to be one of the best entertainers in all of MMA. I know I have learned so much from him all these years.

“I hate losing but it’s part of the game. Regardless, this dude is my dog. We suffered worse losses than her. I have said this before and I will say it again … There is only one @awkward_mma. “

While Eliot started quickly thanks to an ablation and effective bed work, Nikolaou took control. All the media monitored by also had the match 29-28 for Nikolaou.

Nikolaou himself was sure that he shot in the last 10 minutes of the match.

“I knew the first round was for him because he put me on the ground. “I give him the first round”, said Nikolaou. “But second and third, I knew I got the win.”