James Nakashima on Training with Giorgio Petrosyan, Moving to Italy in 2022

Significant changes await James Nakashima following his upcoming fight in the One Championship.

Nakashima (12-2, 3-2 One) soon meets Saygid Izagakhmaev in One “Heavy Hitters” and concentrates on his next opponent. “Nako” is currently on a tackle skid and is looking forward to improving his position. By the end of 2022, Nakashima and his family want to settle in Milan to train with the legendary kickboxer Giorgio Petrosyan. The couple met at One “Conquest of Champions,” where Giorgio cornered his brother Armen Petrosyan. The morning after the event, Nakashima contacted the Petrosyan and asked to train with them. The answer was yes, and the American went overseas a few times.

“Giorgio was left-handed just like I was left-handed and I always studied him to get my stand-up better,” he said. “Then on my One Championship debut, Armen fought Samy Sana with the same card and Giorgio was in his corner. I went up to Giorgio to take his picture, we took this picture and then we just talked from there. Then, the morning after the fight, we were having breakfast and I went to him and asked him if I could come out and train with him. He said I could, that kind of cranked it up, and then I just kept going out. I like it out there, I like the intimacy of the gym, I like Armen and Giorgio. Me and my family will be moving there in the next year or so. “

Nakashima also spoke about his camp for Izagakhmaev, which he was unable to make due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy. He also shared his thoughts on his recent losses and more.

Time stamp:

(00:00) Introduction
(01:00) His camp for Izagakhmaev
(02:03) Approaching Petrosyan and moving to Italy
(04:15) Comments on his last losses
(05:55) His thoughts on Izagakhmaev
(06:26) Selection of the main event
(06:56) Outro

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