Jan Blachowicz: Glover Teixeira dangerous because it’s probably his ‘last title fight’ but ‘nobody can stop me right now’ – MMA Root

Jan Blachowicz: Glover Teixeira dangerous because it’s probably his ‘last title fight’ but ‘nobody can stop me right now’

Oddly enough, Jan Blachovic can sympathize with the danger that Glover Teixeira faced ahead of their fight at UFC 267.

A few years ago, before he became light heavyweight champion, Blakhovich lost four out of five fights and was on the verge of losing his job due to promotion. Losing was no longer an option if Blakhovich wanted to pursue his UFC career, so he scratched and fought his way back to the win column, which ultimately became the momentum that helped him win the 205lb title.

Teixeira is now in no danger of being kicked out of the UFC, but at 41 it would have seemed almost impossible that he would have the time it would take to climb the ladder again for another title fight if he lost on Saturday in Abu. Dhabi. Teixeira cannot afford to lose, which makes him an incredibly dangerous opponent, and this is not lost for Blachovic as he tries to defend his title for the second time.

“I have to be ready for anything,” Blachovich said in an interview with MMA Fighting. “But we’ll see. I believe I will knock him out. I will do everything in my power to knock him out, but I have to be ready for a really tough fight.

“Because, as we said, this could be his last fight, maybe the last chance for a title fight. So this will be the best Glover ever. I think so. I also have to be the best Jan Blakhovich. “

It’s been over seven years since Teixeira last fought for the UFC title when he lost a decision against former champion John Jones back in 2014.

Although Teixeira remained a steadfast leader in the light heavyweight rankings, he still has not been able to regain his position to fight for gold again.

An impressive streak of five wins – including a TKO stoppage against Anthony Smith and a submission win over Thiago Santos – helped Teixeira return to the top spot on the contender list.

Blakhovich couldn’t help but make Teixeira understand for what he did to earn another title shot because he had to go a similar way before he had a chance to become UFC champion.

“I think with his age something has changed in his head,” Blakhovich explained. “Now he knows what to do, how to train, how to use his skills. I think that now his mentality is at its best.

“That’s why he is # 1 and he has a shot at the title. I’ve been to this place before, but I caught him a little earlier than he did. “

One of the greatest qualities that Teixeira displayed during his recent race was the awe-inspiring resilience that helped him survive the early fights with former title contenders like Smith and Santos.

In both fights, the Brazilian was cranky and wounded, but neither of the opponents managed to get him away, and Teixeira made them pay for it with a stunning comeback.

For his part, Blakhovich really appreciates that Teixeira can take a blow – or, in this case, maybe a few dozen blows – but in the end even the most granite chin can be shattered and has no problem with spalling until there will be nothing but a heap of dust. and ash.

“I believe I have a legendary Polish strength, I can knock him out with one punch, but if not, then I will try to fight him like [Alexander] The fight with Gustafsson, ”Blahovich said, referring to Teixeira’s 2017 knockout defeat.[Gustafsson] waited to finish him off while [fifth] round. He doesn’t go too fast. I think Thiago [Santos] made that mistake, he hit him really well and he wanted to end the fight early, and Glover has a lot of experience. He used it. He knows how to survive, and he catches Thiago, subdues him and that’s it.

“I will not make this mistake. In addition, I believe that in my Jiu-Jitsu we are on the same level. If the fight hits the ground, I’ll be ready for his Jiu-Jitsu. I promise you it won’t be easy to subdue me.

On a personal level, Blachovich understands that there is a certain segment of fans who will cheer for Teixeira’s victory simply because he is a legend in the sport and is widely regarded as one of the nicest people in the world who is also capable of separating you from consciousness.

Of course, there is no animosity between the fighters, and Blachovic is looking forward to shaking hands with Teixeira after he takes another victory and regains the UFC title.

“After the fight I can have a beer with him, but in a fight I have to knock him out and I will,” Blakhovich said. “That’s all. I respect him a lot. He is a good guy. I met him a long time ago. But in any case, a struggle is a struggle, we have to do our job.

“They won’t beat me. No one can stop me right now. I’m a champion. I will stay for the rest of my sports career. Because I can do it. I know how to defend my title. “