Jan Błachowicz met with Daniel Cormier in Abu Dhabi

Jan Błachowicz posted a photo with Daniel Cormier on his Twitter profile. Both gentlemen met in Abu Dhabi, and after the photo it can be concluded that there is no enmity between them.

In the past, there have been several verbal austerity and scuffles between them. Jan Blachowicz (28-8) a Daniel Cormier. Now, the relationship seems to have improved as the Polish shared a photo with DC on his Twitter profile.

“Look Who’s Here”

Let us remind you that Cormier was very surprised when Jan Błachowicz won the championship belt in the light heavyweight category, and the Poles immediately reacted and offered to fight the American.

However, looking at this photo, it can be concluded that all misunderstandings have been forgotten.

Source: Twitter