Jim Miller down for ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone rematch for 40th UFC fight, serious about sticking around until UFC 300 – MMA Root

Jim Miller down for ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone rematch for 40th UFC fight, serious about sticking around until UFC 300

With 38 UFC fights under his belt, Jim Miller still has plans for many more.

After earning his 13th hit point bonus for a stunning second-round knockout over octagon rookie Eric Gonzalez on Saturday night, the 38-year-old New Jersey native made it clear he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, Miller is deadly serious about realizing his dream of becoming the only fighter to compete at UFC 100, UFC 200, and ultimately at UFC 300, which won’t really take place until at least 2024.

One thing’s for sure is Miller’s commitment to keep fighting despite constant questions about when he might call it a career.

“At the moment, yes [I’d like to fight at UFC 300]Miller said during UFC Vegas 40 post-match show. “I try to set short-term goals and reach 40 [fights] in the UFC would be cool. I am very confident that I can get there. Physically, he doesn’t even really care about anything else. Now let’s throw that other, that carrot away and hunt for it. If I have to adjust the way I train, if I have to adjust the pace at which I fight, I think I can get there. It is not set in stone.

“It’s a little annoying that I’m constantly asked about retirement, every time before a fight, because I’m ready to talk about it. Since I feel like a father, I am responsible for talking about it, but not soon, so I think we can do it. “

With his fight at UFC Vegas 40, Miller eclipsed Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone with the most fights in promotional history after being tied for 37 points.

The two had previously dated in 2014 when Cerrone won by knockout in the second round, and Miller definitely couldn’t do it again, as both athletes have around 40 fights in the UFC. Again, Miller has never given up on any particular fight or opponent, so he really has to fight anyone the UFC throws at him.

“If they wanted to play against me with Cerrone again at 40, [fights]“I’m ready for this,” Miller said. “Anyone. Anyone really. It doesn’t matter. I’d like to get my opportunity back and get a rubber match with [Charles] Oliveira. I would like to fight [Dustin] Poirier again, and if Conor [McGregor] I need a fight, I’m ready for it too. All at once. Let’s go to!”

Earlier in his career, Miller earned a hilarious nickname from former matchmaker Joe Silva when he received a call about agreeing to a fight that the UFC offered him.

He replied in the affirmative, without hesitation, and Silva replied, “Of course you … you are Jim, damn Miller.”

Miller holds the same attitude when asked about the types of opponents he would like to face in the future as he approaches 40 UFC fights, hoping he will pursue a career that lasts until UFC 300.

“I don’t care,” Miller said. “To be honest, I love to fight veterans. I love fighting guys and I know it will be a great fight. The guys I’m really a fan of. My struggle with [Clay] Guida, a few years ago, I have never been so excited about a fight. Because I’ve seen him fight so many times.

“But then Eric [Gonzalez] tonight this is a dangerous guy, I put myself in his place and felt the pressure because I know how he will feel. “