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Jim Miller won’t retire: “Nothing will happen after Saturday, I guarantee you”

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Jim Miller will return to Octagon on October 16 to prove he has a lot to say in the lightweight division at UFC Vegas 40. In the interview before the fight, he assures that, contrary to rumors, he is not considering retirement.

They lost in their last two matches, one after the other. We won Pichelem and Joe Soleckimhowever, he points out that he did not want these failures to herald the end of his career. The 38-year-old player has a determined stance on this issue:

For my age, I’m old in the Department of Light, but I think the only appropriate response to this is to appreciate the situation, not force me to retire.

He also adds:

In 2016, when my health was really bad, I seriously thought about it. Then I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t do anything, and I stuck to it. Nothing will happen after Saturday, I can guarantee you.

Miller will face off in his next fight. Erickem Gonzalezemthis will be a first in the world’s largest MMA organization.