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Joe Schilling possibly facing battery charge after alleged bar knockout – MMA Root

Former GLORY Middleweight World Championship winner and former Bellator MMA fighter Joe Schilling is likely to face a bad charge for a single battery after his alleged role in a fight with another person at a bar.

According to an MMA Fighting report, the man has been identified as 31-year-old Justin Balboa, who works as a busboy at Outback Steakhouse.

The communication took place between Balboa and the Fort Lauderdale police station on Sunday night.

Balboa told police that Schilling “hit him for no reason” and told police he “only wanted the incident to be documented in order to sue the institution”.

Police also noted that he was “apparently drunk” during the operation.

The director of the institution where the video took place had a different memory from Balboa about how the events unfolded.

The manager told police that Balboa “was very drunk and had probably made an inappropriate remark about the girlfriend / wife of the man who hit him, which caused the fight to escalate”

It is also worth noting that the manager stated that Balboa “is a regular customer who usually causes problems in the facility due to its level of poisoning”.

According to a police report obtained by MMA Fighting, “many other founders of the foundation have confirmed the director’s story,” noting that Balboa was in fact the one who started the quarrel.

Video: Joe Schilling brutally beats the man in the bar, claims self-defense

After seeing the viral video that appeared, Balboa went back to the Fort Lauderdale police station.

He told officers he changed his mind and wanted to fire Schilling over his alleged role as a decorated kickboxer in the incident.

According to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, however, no charges have been filed against Balboa as of this writing.

You can find a video about the alleged controversy below.

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