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Jon Jones denies domestic violence charges following latest arrest: ‘I never hit my fiancée’ – MMA Root

Jon Jones denies domestic violence charges following latest arrest: ‘I never hit my fiancée’

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has denied hitting his fiancée during the Sept.24 Las Vegas incident that led to his arrest on charges of domestic violence and felony causing damage or disabling a vehicle.

The 34-year-old New Yorker addressed the allegations directly for the first time in a series of social media posts on Wednesday after his head coach Mike Winkeljohn revealed that he was temporarily suspended from training at the Jackson-Wink gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico. , after the arrest of Jones.

“I love the way people imagine the worst possible situation in their heads and make it somehow factual,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “I never beat my fiance [sic] and our daughters woke up after our confrontation. My daughters did not see or hear how we quarreled.

“This is the only thing I want to clarify. Plus, I look forward to being able to move forward without alcohol. For the first time in my life, I am truly ready to quit smoking. Happy for my fiance’s support [sic], family friends and fans. “

According to a police report, Jones was taken into custody after his fiancée, Jesse Moses, contacted security at Caesar’s Palace Hotel in Las Vegas for a new key to the room they shared. The guards told police that Moses’ face and clothes were covered in blood, and one of the couple’s children asked them to call the police after an alleged altercation.

Moses later told the police that he had “a little” conversation with her, adding that he allegedly “pulled my hair a little, but he didn’t hit me or anything like that.”

The police noticed a lump on her lip along with blood “around her lips, chin and all over her sweatshirt,” as well as blood on the sheets in the hotel room.

Jones had already left the property by the time the police arrived, but was captured shortly thereafter when the UFC veteran allegedly flew into a rage and smashed his head against the front hood of the car. [Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department] a patrol car leaving a medium-sized dent and paint chips on the vehicle. “

As a result of the damage, Jones was charged with a felony for injuring or disabling a vehicle.

After being released on bail, Jones posted a video of him training with friends on his Instagram account, adding that he planned to give up alcohol forever after this latest arrest, and said he wants to “make this nightmare the best. ever happen in my life. “

He then posted and later deleted a video of him kissing Moses.

Since his arrest, Jones has never spoken directly about what happened and added in a separate post that he will end up being judged more for his actions than he said, especially after previous arrests, including multiple DUIs and an accident with hitting the city. 2015

“Yes, I totally understand that, so I’m not going to do a big PR stunt and hire a publicist,” Jones said. “I’m not going to do anything like that. I know this is real. I know I’m ready. Time will take care of the rest. “

In a deleted tweet, Jones also touched on some personal injuries from his past that were unrelated to his arrest in September.

“My life hasn’t always been great,” Jones said. “They were abused in childhood, lost their parents and brother or sister due to illness at a young age. It goes on and on, man. I have things to deal with. “

Jones is due to appear in Las Vegas on October 26.