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Jon Jones Tells UFC $8-$10 Million is ‘Too Low’ for Francis Ngannou Bout – MMA Root

Jones continues to disagree with the UFC over financial terms, and the former light heavyweight champion once again took to Twitter to express his concerns.

Jones revealed
that he had telephoned UFC Executive Vice President and CEO Hunter Campbell to begin negotiations for a possible blockbuster fight against Ngannou, the recently crowned heavyweight champion.

“I had a brief telephone conversation with UFC Hunter’s lawyer a few days ago,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “By now, I told him that anywhere around $ 8 million to $ 10 million would be too low for a race of this size. This is all that has been discussed so far.

“I’m supposed to wait for their offer. I really hope the numbers are not so low anywhere. I guess we’ll see what happens. “

After Ngannou eliminated Stipe Miocic in the UFC 260 title on March 27, Jones wrote on Twitter “Show me the money”, which led to a controversial exchange with UFC President Dana White, who responded to his comments. Jones at the post-match press conference.

“If I’m Jones and I’m home watching this fight, I’m starting to move to 185,” White said sadly. “Listen, I could sit here all day and [ask] you, “What does” Show me the money “mean?” I’m telling you all this time: You can say you want to fight someone, but do you really want to? “

On Wednesday, after sharing his initial thoughts about what he was
no Wanting to be offered, Jones explained that he felt paid by the promotion during the 1920s during his dominant rise as a light heavyweight champion.

“I’ve been working on my ass for years, concussions, surgeries, fighting the toughest competition the UFC had to offer during the 1920s for about # 2 million per game,” Jones wrote. “I’m just trying to have the day. My payment, the fight that all of us fighters believe is one day possible.

He wrote me the tweet to show me the money and what caused the boss to get upset. What a learning lesson. I feel like Conor [ would’ve sent that
same tweet there would have been whiskey night.”

There’s no question that a potential Jones-Ngannou matchup will be
big business for the UFC. At the moment, though, it appears that
there won’t be a smooth path to making it happen.

“I feel like this fight is monumental, matchups like this don’t
come very often in a lifetime,” Jones wrote. “Me stopping Francis
in my first fight up at heavyweight would be nothing short of
extraordinary. Ali versus Foreman, hosted by the UFC.”

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