Jones Asks To Be Removed From UFC Rankings, Takes Digs At Adesanya – MMA Root

John Jones has publicly demanded that he be removed from the overall UFC rankings.

Last year, when Khabib Nurmagomedov retired from the competition, his last request was to take first place in the UFC rankings. Initially not challenging this idea, Jones later argued that Khabib did not deserve to be put over him due to Jones having more title defense and a longer overall stay at the top.

A year later, after dropping to # 2 in the pound-to-pound rankings earlier this week, Jones wants to get off the list altogether.

“When you’ve surpassed John Jones on the pound by pound list, but you know you can’t defend against a takedown,” Jones wrote with an emoji shrug.

This almost certainly refers to Israel Adesanya’s defeat to Jan Blakhovich at UFC 259, as the only fighters rated above Jones are Kamaru Usman (# 1) and Alexander Volkanovsky (# 2), neither of whom had a takedown problem. Additionally, Jones went out of his way to fry Adesanya right after his defeat to Blahovic, a duel in which Adesanya was knocked down multiple times.

It was at this point that Jones asked to be removed from the pound to pound rating.

“It’s funny to see how people enjoy being put above me when I’m not even competing. Just take me off this stupid list. “

When a fan suggested that his new place in the rankings was due to a game passing by him, Jones responded with sarcasm.

“Lol, I think yes, I think you can play 1/3 of an MMA match and be considered a real deal these days.” This is some new shit right here. “

The reason for Jones’s fall in the rankings is undoubtedly largely due to his inaction. Jones did not fight UFC 247 against Dominic Reyes in February 2020. Oddly enough, Joanna Jędrzejczyk has not competed since May 2020, but she has already been removed from the rankings due to inactivity.

Jon Jones is expected to make his heavyweight debut in 2022 and is currently battling allegations of domestic violence, personal injury and car break-in.

Do you expect John Jones’ name to be removed when the next ranking report comes out?