Jordan Burroughs Says He Wants One MMA Fight – MMA Root

Award-winning American wrestler Jordan Burroughs is interested in MMA fighting.

Burroughs, 33, is an Olympic gold medalist and five-time world championship gold medalist, and has been involved with MMA for a time. Burroughs is one of the most famous and titled wrestlers who have never moved to MMA.

Throughout his wrestling career, Burroughs has made it clear that he is not interested in competing in MMA.

“I’m a huge MMA fan,” Burroughs said on The Jim Rim Show earlier this year. “But at the end of the day, I love wrestling # 1 and # 2. I just don’t want to be punched in the face. This is a completely different sport. In a fight, if you lose, you can be knocked down, you can be put on your back and pinned down. But if you are beaten in a fight, you will be suffocated, knocked out, someone broke something. A wrestling match, if you lose, go to dinner with your family. MMA, you lose, you go to the hospital … This is something I’m not particularly interested in, but I will be a supporter of it, because I like to watch it. “

Now, it looks like Jordan Burroughs has changed his mindset when he stated on social media that he wants to have one MMA fight before retiring.

“I want to have one MMA fight before I retire. Only one. “Burroughs wrote.

If Burroughs does compete in MMA, it will be a massive fight. He is a big name in the world of combat sports and would be a recognized free agent, even if only for one chant. It is unknown if he will actually fight in MMA.

Would you like to see Jordan Burroughs fight in MMA?