Jorge Masvidal: Jake Paul is ‘trolling the whole world’ with big-money offers that don’t exist – MMA Root

Jorge Masvidal: Jake Paul is ‘trolling the whole world’ with big-money offers that don’t exist

Don’t expect to see Jorge Masvidal vs. Jake Paul in the boxing ring anytime soon.

Masvidal found himself at the center of a YouTube sensation last month when Paul showed on MMA hour that the UFC welterweight champion would be his No. 1 choice for his next challenger following Paul’s win over Tyrone Woodley. After UFC President Dana White scoffed at the idea, Paul raised the ante, offering White a bet that Paul and Masvidal were boxing with Amanda Serrano against Amanda Nunez.

Paul’s presentation was simple: “If we win, you will let any of your fighters fight me in the future,” he wrote. “If we fail, I will leave you and your exploitative business alone.”

This rate was virtually dead upon arrival, Masvidal said.

“The UFC doesn’t give a damn about what’s on his face,” Masvidal said recently on the air. MMA hour… “The problem is I’m signed to the UFC, so I have to do what they say and they pay me bigger checks. This guy says a lot, “I’m going to write you a check for $ 50 million,” but look at how much he sells on pay-per-view. He doesn’t write checks for $ 50 million to anyone. Go actually look at those damn numbers they sold on Showtime or Triller or whatever he’s talking about. He does not have this money. He trolls the whole world talking about all these big money deals.

“Right now, where I am in my career, I am going to fight the best fighters in the world. Right? We can both agree that there are a lot of good guys in the damn UFC at 170 pounds that I can fucking beat. And I’m going to get more money for it, my brother. And when I’m done beating up the world-class fighters, this bum will still be around – I’ll go and get paid quickly for hitting him so damn hard in front of the world. These options will always be there. But right now, when I am in my prime, I have to do what people do at their old age – and that is to fight the best in the world. He is not in this conversation. “

Masvidal was caught in Paul’s orbit even before the battle with Woodley. He made several episodes in support of Paul ahead of YouTuber’s April boxing match against Ben Askren, however, relations soured when Masvidal publicly predicted that his old ATT teammate Woodley would defeat Paul in the pair’s August bout. This prediction led to what Paul called Masvidal a “blockhead” who was “losing a couple of brain cells.”

And, according to Masvidal, Paul maintained such conversations in his private conversations.

“He’s got all ass,” Masvidal said. “He fucking sent me a bunch of stuff in DM like jokes, memes and shit like that. And I just told him something like, “Man, you’re salty.” Because he knows that at the end of the day, face to face, he cannot say any of this if he does not have his 50 bodyguards and I am alone, because at the end of the day I can always just take this little child and with such hit him hard on the concrete that he will be disabled for the rest of his life, as if he cannot walk.

“So he knows it. It’s in the back of his mind. So even when he speaks to me in his personal account, it is very respectful, very cold. Like a couple of jokes and stuff like that, but he knows you need to chill out, man, because I really don’t care. “

In the end, Masvidal dismissed his conversations with Paul as nothing more than entertainment. Gamebred is set to face Leon Edwards on December 11 at UFC 269, and he made it clear later. MMA hour that his only goal is to get back to the title shot in the UFC. If he manages to defeat Edwards, he will take the first step towards doing just that.

So while Masvidal still plans to step into the boxing ring someday, it probably won’t happen soon.

“I’ve always wanted to box, and when the opportunity presents itself, I’ll take it,” Masvidal said. “I’m going to make sure I’m getting good compensation because obviously I’m not a boxer, so I’m going to make sure I’m getting incredible compensation.”