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Jorge Masvidal says Kamaru Usman not worthy of BMF title, Usman fires back he doesn’t want ‘that piece of sh*t’  – MMA Root

Just days before their rematch at UFC 261, welterweight champions Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal engaged in a fierce war of words at a pre-match press conference.

After meeting just nine months ago, Usman called for a second fight against Masvidal after his last victory because he was not satisfied with his performance in his first. Masvidal was more than happy to receive him after taking his first fight with Uthman in just six days, which also meant that he lost a lot of weight and flew half the world for the competition taking place in Abu Dhabi.

“Not having to lose 20 pounds in six days means a lot to me,” Masvidal said Friday. “All the energy that I spent on losing weight will be spent on finishing it.”

When fans gathered at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, Masvidal was definitely enjoying the atmosphere as fans from his home state showed their appreciation.

“You can hear it yourself, you can see it yourself – these guys want violence,” Masvidal said. “They don’t root for me because I’m so beautiful, or the food I eat is nothing, that’s not why they root for me. They cheer for me because I give everyone their hard earned money.

“I come here to perform and bring the violence they crave and that’s the only reason I have all these fans.”

Of course, Usman was not particularly impressed with Masvidal’s guarantees, especially after he earned a one-sided decision in the previous meeting.

“The fans cannot fight for you,” shouted Usman. “You said that last time. What happened?”

“I’m going to kick your ass alone, I don’t need anyone,” Masvidal said in response. “They didn’t break my nose, but you. I’m going to cut open your face, break more bones than last time. Remember this face. “

Usman could only laugh back, reminding his opponent that he entered the first fight with a broken nose, and adding that the rematch only happens because he asked for it, not because Masvidal deserved it.

“Let’s be honest,” said Usman, looking at Masvidal. “You have suffered 14 defeats in your career, seven in the UFC, you are 3-3 out of the last six, you are sitting there today because I chose you. I’m walking down the track and you’re the first guy I’m going to pass. Period.”

The prize at stake in the main event of UFC 261 will be the welterweight title, but Masvidal sat on stage with his own belt, a silvered strap that marked him as the first and only “baddest bastard” champion after him. beat Nate Diaz in 2019.

Although Masvidal has never been recognized as an official UFC championship, he still proudly advertises the title at every opportunity. But he said it won’t be at stake when he competes on Saturday night.

“You have to be BMF to fight for this, and this dude is not that,” Masvidal said of Usman.

Othman could only laugh at this remark, pointing to the only welterweight title that mattered right in front of him on stage.

“What belt?” – said Uthman. “There are three belts, three shiny belts. That’s what’s important. Not that shit.

Aside from the title belts, Usman was adamant that his goal in the rematch with Masvidal is to prove something to himself, but there is no personal animosity on Saturday night.

“I didn’t feel like I broke his will,” Usman said. “On Saturday night, as soon as I violate his will, I will be absolutely satisfied.

“No, it’s not personal at all. If he makes it personal, then that’s his business. It’s not personal to me. It’s all about business. He’s the next guy I picked. “

As for Masvidal, he is confident that he can correct the mistakes that haunted him last time, and avenge the defeat of Uthman, but this does not mean that they will be done with them anyway.

Masvidal’s win this weekend will tie the all-time 1-1 score, and for all his bad feelings for Usman, he will never allow this to be their last meeting.

“He definitely gave me a chance,” Masvidal said of giving Usman a rematch immediately if he wins at UFC 261. “Regardless of whether we agree or not, he gave me another chance to fight, so i “I’ll definitely give him a chance to compete again.”

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