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Joshua Fabia claims broke, strung-out Diego Sanchez was taking advantage of him — ‘I’ll put out proof’ – MMA Root

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White recently lamented the release of veteran welterweight veteran Diego Sanchez, insisting that the original “Ultimate Fighter” was being controlled by self-help guru “batshit” Joshua Fabia.

Turns out it was the other way around.

That’s according to Fabia, who insists she was an impressionable victim caught up in “The Nightmare” celebrity status. And now that Sánchez has broken his personal and professional relationship, Fabia is ready to air out her dirty laundry.

“Diego has been addicted,” Fabia said Behind the scenes with Summer Helene. “He hasn’t told anyone in the last five months, I was his sponsor and I lived with him. That I had to live there because he was broke and lost all his money, and he was hung up on Kratom, alcohol and 30 other substances. That you have sexual abuse problems. And I’ve been putting up with all of this. I’ve been doing everything. And everyone is coming to me. “

Sánchez and Fabia have dominated the headlines in recent weeks for increasingly bizarre behavior, including but not limited to knife fights in the Octagon, backstage clashes and the dreaded deathblow.

And a lot of laughter.

“I’ll put it there, I’ll take out all the evidence, I’ll take out all the videos,” Fabia continued. “Diego has clearly been taking advantage of me for two years as I have been fighting for him and putting myself on the line for him to no avail. I’m the one receiving death threats here. “

Sánchez, 39, was removed from his fight with Donald Cerrone at UFC Vegas 26 and was unconditionally released after Fabia confronted the UFC medical team and demanded documentation on the health of “The Nightmare.”

“As I get more information, I’m with the lawyer, and the lawyer talks to Diego and asks him about his education, and he starts talking about how he was in special education,” Fabia said. “Shit. Big red flags, man. This is not, at all, what anyone who perceived, and Diego is not even close to what nobody knows, man.

Sánchez is expected to release a statement sometime later this week.

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