Junior dos Santos Calls Out Roman Reigns After UFC/AEW Comments – MMA Root

One match in his new career as a pro wrestler and Junior dos Santos is already challenging versatile WWE champion Roman Raines.

On Friday, Junior dos Santos made his professional wrestling debut in a six-man match in Aew rampage… Although “Cigano” went through the table as part of his initiation process, his team ended up getting a W with the help of Jorge Masvidal and Paige Vanzant of MMA. Dos Santos is now taking on the role of a booker in his next bout, which he hopes will be a cross-promotion with WWE tribal chief Roman Raines.

The challenge was sparked by a recent interview by Raines to, in which the WWE star described CM Punk as an exciting contender in the ring. In doing so, he threw the entire AEW train under the bus.

“That won’t elevate me at all,” Raines said of the match with Punk. “He’s older now. I haven’t really seen the full match. I’ve seen a couple of clips. And for me a step or two were lost. In addition, he was criticized in the UFC. I don’t think anyone really believes that someone who is soaking wet to 200 pounds with no explosive bone in their body can really do anything to me. I am 6’3 ”, 265 pounds, a real athlete who can throw up a bit and have been on the grid at the highest level. D1. All ACC …

“So, I mean, when it comes down to it, I have no problem throwing him and most of the rest of the squad out of the club. Do you see they are just younger brothers?

Junior dos Santos wants a piece of Roman rule

Junior dos Santos was among the readers of the Reigns interview, and he disagreed with what the “head of the table” said. Rather than argue with him about his opinion, JDS would prefer him to confirm his words.

“Hey @WWERomanReigns I heard your interview. Please send the address of this club that you will throw me and my little brothers out of. #AEWDos Santos said in a tweet.

In other words, to paraphrase the great Khabib Nurmagomedov, dos Santos wants Raines to “send him the location.” If Reigns agrees, Head of the Table will host someone who, unlike CM Punk 0-2, was able to win UFC championship gold.

However, Raines will be out of the country this week as he defends his WWE Universal Championship title this week. Crown jewel in Saudi Arabia. His opponent? Another former UFC heavyweight champion: Brock Lesnar. When the head of the table returns home, it looks like JDS will be nothing more than giving him a very inhospitable confession.