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Justin Jaynes Addresses The Public After Massive $25K Bet Goes Awry – MMA Root

Don’t feel sorry for Justin Jaynes after losing $ 25,000 yesterday because he doesn’t feel sorry for himself.

Any MMA player can tell you that one of the worst ways to lose a bet is by split decision, especially if it is a parlay. In Jaynes’s case, there was no parlay; he was a legger. But the pain he experienced was worse than any gambler’s because he didn’t just bet a lot on the fighter; He was the fighter!

At UFC Vegas 30, Justin Jaynes faced Charles Rosa on the preliminary card. Heading into the fight, Jaynes made a bold reveal – he and his team were betting all the fight money on this fight!

The day of the fight arrives

The day came and it was time for Jaynes to seize his claim by putting his money where his mouth is after expressing great confidence heading into UFC Vegas 30.

“Today is the day I risk everything. My career is at stake, my money is at stake and I am prepared for any outcome. JAYNES TRAIN “ALL ON BOARD #jaynestrained

As the fight drew to a close, Jaynes did his best in his efforts to get it out of the hands of the judges and secure the bag!

However, when the judges ‘scorecards were read, Jaynes’ disappointment and grief were visible, as was Charles Rosa’s elation at the split decision his way. Shortly after the fight, Jaynes was ready to face the music and do it with his head held high without any regrets.

On Sunday, Jaynes redoubled his regret and remains prepared to face the future without flinching.