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Kamaru Usman Leaves No Doubt, Knocks Out Jorge Masvidal in UFC 261 Headliner – MMA Root

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Whether you are in full camp or short term, Kamaru Usman has the antidote for Jorge Masvidal.

Usman (19-1, 14-0 UFC) left no doubt in their rematch at UFC 261, hitting “Gamebred” in Saturday’s second round of the welterweight championship at Vystar Veteran Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. The end came 62 seconds into Round 2, as Usman put Masvidal (35-14, 12-8 UFC) with a perfect, straight right hand and sealed the deal with about five hammers on the canvas.

“I know for a fact that I’m the best pound for pound fighter on the planet right now,” said Usman, who has won 14 straight UFC races, second in promotion history behind Anderson Silva.

The card was the first in the UFC in front of a large capacity since March 2020, and Usman gave them something to remember. The opening round was competitive, but still belonged to Usman, as he landed with steady straight punches and dropped Masvidal in the center of the cage. The Miami native remained busy with his elbows on his back and finally returned to his feet, ostensibly preparing for a long championship clash. That would not happen.

Masvidal kicked off the second frame attacking Usman’s legs. It was not long before Usman, however, attached himself to the rocket of a right-hand man that sent Masvidal to the canvas, followed by a hammer just playing in the cake. It was the first time Masvidal had ended strikes since June 2008.

“No respect, thank you to my husband Jorge. “You raised me,” said Usman. “It made me go to the workshop and I had to sharpen all my tools to do such a show. I told everyone, I’m even better. Heaven is the limit for me as long as I do this. “

Masvidal first came in front of Usman with a one-week warning at UFC 251, replacing Gilbert Burns after a positive COVID-19 test. Usman reached a unanimous decision in July, but the door was left open for a rematch because Masvidal quickly got tired due to the lack of a full camp. Now, the competition has some closure.

“I thought we would fight harder. “I was ready to fight for 25 minutes,” said Masvidal. “All the supports in the world caught me by surprise. He has my number, I can not say anything, but he won this right and square and God bless him, man. “

Namajunas Head Kick KOs Zhang, reclaims the title

For the second time in her mixed martial arts career, Rose Namajunas is the UFC champion.

“Thug” Rose recorded a shocking knockout at the co-main event of UFC 261, finishing Weili Zhang with a header and the next hammerfists 1:18 in the opening round of the 115 kg title race. Zhang saw a professional 21-game streak end.

“I did it again,” said Namajunas, who was once again an outsider as he was when he first won the golden straw with a victory over Joanna Jedrzejczyk at UFC 217.

During the initial phase of the match, Namajunas (10-4, 8-3 UFC) used course and continuous movement to stay out of Zhang’s strong strikes. But it was the maneuver that ended the race that will go down in history forever. Namajunas hit a low kick with her coaching leg before going upstairs with a high kick with the same leg, tying cleanly on Zhang’s chin. The Chinese star immediately fell back, her head bouncing off the canvas. Namajunas followed her enemy to the floor and landed about three or four hammers before referee Keith Peterson stepped in to stop the fight.

Zhang (21-2, 5-1 UFC) protested the suspension shortly afterwards and reiterated that the fight may have ended prematurely in the post-match interview, but it appeared that Namajunas’ final saloon had a Black Tiger Fight Club representative .

“I did not see her move. “I was not sure if he would return from it,” Namajunas said. “Just a few hammers and so it went.”

Shevchenko comes in the fifth successful title defense

Many observers have suggested that Jessica Andrews may be the most challenging challenge to Valentina Shevchenko’s reign to date. The woman known as “Bullet” proved to be different in a dominant way.

Shevchenko (21-3, 10-2 UFC) prevented Andrade (21-9, 12-7 UFC) at every turn, winning a 3:19 technical knockout victory in Round 2 of the 125-pound competition. The Tiger Muay Thai product has successfully defended the flyweight crown five times since winning the empty belt in December 2018.

“My plan was to come to the Octagon and destroy my opponent,” Shevchenko said. “Sorry Jessica, but it was my plan.”

Shevchenko sent a message at the beginning of the match. He tagged Andrade with clean combinations of piercings to the head, landed on many removes and chased for a naked back drowning near the fence. Andrade did not succumb to the grip, but only delayed the inevitable. The champion hit Andrade on the canvas in the first 20 seconds of Round 2, and then refused a withdrawal from her opponent when they returned to their feet. Moments later, the Brazilian landed again, moved to a cross position and began attacking her defenseless enemy with her elbows and fists. Shevchenko gradually increased the speed and intensity of her elbows, until referee Dan Miragliota came in with charity on behalf of Andrade.

Perhaps the most astonishing aspect of Shevchenko’s recent victory was her complete control over the wrestling aspect. At least one person was not surprised.

“I want to say one thing. “My opponents are trying to understand what my weakness is,” Shevchenko said. “Do not waste your time. There is no). “

Weidman suffers from tragic leg pain

Chris Weidman’s rematch with Uriah Hall ended in the most unfortunate way, as his leg broke after landing the first leg of the lightweight competition. Weidman collapsed on the canvas in agony, and the fight erupted immediately, just 17 seconds after it started. Hall won four consecutive games in Las Vegas.

The result is reminiscent of Weidman’s title defense against Anderson Silva at UFC 168, when “The Spider” broke his leg in a controlled kick in December 2013. Weidman (15-6, 11-6 UFC) was pulled from the Octagon on a stretcher, while a Hall that was visibly distressed (17-9, 11-6 UFC) tried to come to terms with what had just happened.

“I have nothing but respect for Chris Weidman. “He really is one of the best,” said Hall, who did not go on strike during the match. “It’s a crazy story that he was the first man to beat me. It’s just crazy how we got here again.

“I wanted to do a great show. I feel so bad for him. I hope it’s okay. It is the milky part of this sport. It’s the wounded business. “

Weidman and Hall first started at a Ring of Combat event in 2010, with the former middleweight champion winning by technical knockout in the first round.

Smith Leg Kick stops Crute

It only takes one perfect low kick to destroy a fighter’s night.

Jimmy Crute found that in a tough way against Anthony Smith, as their light heavyweight competition stopped after a lap when the Australian was unable to continue thanks to a kick from his opponent. Smith’s kick landed on the outside of Crute’s left knee, causing his leg to bend immediately. “Brute” managed to survive from the rest of the frame, landing a pair of eliminations, but the fight fluctuated as it continued to struggle to find its place before the start of Round 2.

“I could not feel my foot,” Cruth admitted. “In the second round, I would just go in and pull out a guard, because I couldn’t stand it.”

Early on, it was Smith’s piercing that had an impact. The former lightweight heavyweight challenger repeatedly threw his hand into the Crute Cup, even causing his opponent to stumble back into one case. Crutte (12-2, 4-2 UFC) meanwhile attacked Smith’s foot with low errors of his own in return. In the end, it was “Lionheart” who landed the most decisive kick of the race.

“I’ve always been a great kicker,” said Smith (35-16, 10-7 UFC), who won his sixth finish at 205kg. “I just did not do enough.”

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