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Kamaru Usman Shares The Only Way Masvidal Will Last Five Rounds – MMA Root

Kamaru Usman is gearing up for his rematch with Jorge Masvidal and is ready to go the full distance if necessary.

A welterweight title showdown is fast approaching as champion Kamaru Usman prepares for a rematch with Jorge Masvidal. These two were paired once before, in February, Masvidal stepped up with just a week’s notice to face Usman at UFC 251. That fight lasted five rounds and Usman came out with the belt still intact around his waist. In the rematch, Usman is set for another five-round battle with Masvidal, even though he recently promised to finish Masvidal this time.

“I always want to make a statement,” Usman said. “Spend 25 (minutes), that depends on him. That’s if you did your homework correctly and came as prepared as possible, then you could stretch this by 25. But I’m at the point where I’m having fun and April 24. I’m looking to have fun again like I did on February 13. “

There is no love lost between these two in the time between the last fight and now. Masvidal and Usman have been more than eager to step back in the cage together and finally set the score with full and healthy camps for both of them.

Usman willing to fight twice more this year after UFC 261

This is a very important fight for Usman who has not lost in eight years. He thinks he could fight a few more times this year, but only if his body holds up.

“At this rate, God willing, and if I’m lucky enough to have that ability,” Usman said. “I could put in two more, and now there are three in nine months. Possibly I could fit two more, but we’ll see how the body holds up. I’ve worn out my body a lot, especially the way I prepare for these fights, because it doesn’t matter if I’m fighting just one striker, I’m still going to fight. “

Do you think the fight between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal goes the full distance on Saturday night?

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