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Kenny Florian Praises Bruce Souto’s Performance, Reflects on First PFL Challenger Series Show

Last Friday, the Professional Fighters League unveiled its newest format, the PFL Challenger Series, to the public. One fighter out of eight participants secured a contract for the upcoming regular season. At the first event, Brazilian Bruce Souto wowed the celebrity panellists and fans at home by just 17 seconds thanks to a first-round KO of Travis Davis. One of the people who appreciated the finish was former Ultimate Fighting Championship title challenger Kenny Florian, who witnessed it from the PFL commentary booth.

“Although he didn’t have a perfect performance either, I thought it was impressive that he showed his ability to bounce back from adversity, his ability to deal with things that aren’t going so well,” Florian told Sherdog. “I also thought it was impressive that he could have easily… I think there might just be a few seconds left on that lap. He could have just backed off and regrouped, waited for round 2 and sat on his stool, “OK, OK, what do I have to do?” and sort of relaxed and regrouped. But he decided to really try. He said, ‘No, I’m going to try to win this round, I’m going to try to win this fight now.’ I felt it showed a lot about his character and how badly he wanted this contract. That’s probably what impressed me the most.”

In the same interview, Florian, 45, opened up about the approaching 10th anniversary of his retirement, revealed if fans will ever see him transition to disciplines other than mixed martial arts, influenced the pacing of the Challenger series’ first map, and more.

Time stamp:

(00:00) Introduction
(00:57) His thoughts on the first PFL Challenger Series
(01:59) Commentary on Bruce Souto’s performance
(03:15) The last minute changes to the map
(03:57) Joshua Silveira does not get a contract
(05:54) How Silveira deals with Mohammed Juba’s unrelenting mistakes
(07:12) The fighter who has impressed him the most so far
(08:18) The weight class that interests him the most
(09:40) Analysis of Jarrah Al-Silawi vs. Michael Lili
(10:42) Commentary on the pacing of the Challenger series broadcast
(12:06) The celebrity panellists rotate each week
(12:46) Whether he’s ever wanted to make an MMA return in the 10 years since retirement
(2:56) Whether he’s considering moving to a discipline other than MMA
(17:06) Over

Tudor Leonte began writing about mixed martial arts for Italian media in 2013. His journey with Sherdog began in 2018 and he now covers One Championship and countless European shows. You can follow him on Twitter @Mr. Tudor Leonte.

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