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Kevin Holland: I’m not going to change the fighter I am and try and become a wrestler just because all these guys want to wrestle – MMA Root

Kevin Holland knows that there are things to do in the wrestling room after back-to-back losses he spent most of the fight on his back, but he also won’t completely change the way he approaches his fights.

Holland accepted a short-term main event opportunity against Marvin Vettori at UFC Vegas 23 after falling for Derek Brunson with a tough performance a few weeks ago, but the result was pretty much the same.

Despite doing his best to bring Vettori to his feet, the Netherlands was dropped 11 times during the fight, setting a new record for the middleweight division. While Holland certainly plans to make up for some of his wrestling shortcomings, he doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to his forward strategy.

“I can’t say too many changes,” Holland said of the training he received while speaking during the UFC Vegas 23 fight show. We’ll see what happens. I really do not know. Of course spend some time with DC (Daniel Cormier) working on some of those wrestling stuff. Work on wrestling, of course. Learn how to stop some of these takedowns. Other than that, it’s the same old same.

“I will not change the fighter I am and try to be a wrestler because all these guys want to wrestle. Like, I like to hit, I like to hit. I just [need] Do a better job of keeping the fight afloat and giving people a little more knockout so that sooner or later they will return to the majority. “

Undoubtedly, the Netherlands did not have much time to address the mistakes in its previous loss, as it took a very quick turn to accept the fight against Vettori on Saturday.

Brunson devised a winning plan to defeat the Netherlands after outspoken middleweight repeatedly knocked down in five rounds in his March conflict.

Later, Vettori did the same as he was constantly coming in and constantly bringing Holland under the mat with him. Although Holland was able to freely fight Vettori more often than he did with Brunson, he nevertheless returned to his back over and over again in five rounds.

“I don’t have time in the gym or anything,” Holland said to thrive between fights. “I just went there and gave you some more, I just tried to give you guys, whatever you want. I believe every fighter will get their check at the end of the day, and I believe everyone will get a chance to get out there and perform. So when I saw that Marvin doesn’t have a rival, the smart thing to do would be to stay in that shower and not answer the phone, but I never said I was smart. But the brave and company guy is something that I am, so if people want to mock it, they can mock it, but at the end of the day when they need someone to intervene.

“I’ve fought seven times since the epidemic [started]. I will spend a few days with the boy and then we will come back to him. It doesn’t matter to a sniper. Sometimes we miss the shot, sometimes we miss the shot. I’m not the only one to lose tonight, but I’m the only one who made five rounds and couldn’t finish with one against elite players each time. “

According to his reaction, the Netherlands has not been berserk of defeat while openly admitting what went wrong in the second consecutive fight.

“As DC says, he’s given up taking down a lot in the last two fights,” Holland said. “It sucks not to be around the winner, but at the end of the day I have a flight home and I’ll spend a lot of dollars at the ladies clubs. It’s not that bad. “

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