Khamzat Chimaev Says He’s Resumed Training After COVID-19 Nearly Ended Career – MMA Root

It seems that Khamzat Chimaev is on his way to full recovery.

In an interview with ESPN, the welterweight star revealed that he has resumed training and hopes to return to the UFC competition by August. Chimaev hinted at his retirement in early March after prolonged results from COVID-19 forced him to withdraw from the proposed detentions against Leon Edwards on January 20 and March 13.

If you are sick, you can not think about it [a] battle, “Chimaev told ESPN. I thought, “A month, sick. Then, two months. When will I end this s —? ” I’m healthy now, hungry again. I want to go back and break someone up and make money.”

Chimaev was flown to Las Vegas earlier this year for treatment by UFC medical staff for his ongoing issues. In a recent interview, he revealed that he recently underwent surgery in his home country of Chechnya to further address his condition and helped significantly. He did not give specific details about this process.

“When I returned to my country, they helped me and started a business that took some things, I do not know how to explain it in English,” Chimaev said. “I feel much better now. I can not wait. I am over 93 kilos [205 pounds], I feel stronger. I just started training with my team and I will find it [an opponent] to kill. “

UFC President Dana White has previously said that Chimaev’s condition worsened when he began training at a high intensity before doing so. Chimaev admitted he was part of the problem at first, as he posted photos on social media of blood in the sink after this session.

“When I go to the quarrel, I said [manager Ali Abdelaziz]”I will only make pillows,” but that was a lie, “Chimaev said.” I jumped into boxing, I did three rounds. I feel bad in my chest, I said, “Coach, I’m leaving.” I go home and start [cough] blood. I was never afraid of my life. I’m afraid of what my mom will do after I die. My mom, my siblings μουν I was thinking, ‘What are they going to do after I die? I start with this MMA because of my family. I want to make a good life with them. “

Chimaev was a rising star in 2020, winning top finishes of John Phillips, Rhys McKee and Gerald Meerschaert to quickly become an interesting man in the UFC at 170 kg. The offer had already landed him for big things, booking a first-place finish against Edwards, and Chimaev still has plenty of incentive to show the world what he can do and accomplish in this advertising campaign.

“I think it is [the] right decision, “Chimaev said.” I just did it
[three fights in the UFC]. I did not show who I am. People keep saying, “Ah, beat the bulls – guys.” That makes me [feel] in somewhere – now I have to show these people that I am and break them all, get my belt. My name is MMA Mike Tyson. MMA Muhammad Ali. I will show it to everyone. “

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