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Kimbo Slice in MMA

I don’t know if Kimbo is smart or not. I know it hits people’s eyeballs and faces and all that good stuff, but I don’t know if it’s smart because I’ve never met the man, but it certainly seems to be wasted . Why else would Kimbo ignore all sense of honor, pride and history to project an image best described as a cross between Lil ‘Wayne and Kunta Kinte – a flying slave with a mouth full of gold teeth playing every single stereotype of a man African-American as an alternative to short-lived worship from soulless media with ADD.

And then there are obvious errors. In a recent photo by ESPN The Magazine, a shirtless Kimbo Slice makes a variety of threatening / coonish facial expressions that are uncomfortably close to caged animal expressions, which are regularly referenced online. Fortunately, the Mag chose not to run most of the shots, but there are still various clips on the Internet that refer to Slice being from the wild jungle, including photos of a gorilla instead of a headshot. And the YouTube clip mentioned earlier is close to lynch mob environment. It all seems to be playing up as part of his act.

What about the future of MMA? Kimbo Slice is the mainline for a May 31 card in New Jersey. The fight is set to be televised on CBS, the first time an MMA event will be broadcast on a major US network. Judging from the high level of interest generated by his online underground street fights, the tournament is sure to be a highlight for Florida natives and will leak more major broadcasts. Kimbo and her Gus are from the “Birth of a Nation” character towards stardom.

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