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Kimbo Slice Vs Dreads

After Kimbo’s sudden and unexpected loss, his next fight seemed like a source of Trepidation for Kimbo’s watchers. Would he start attracting an opponent he couldn’t handle? Well, that didn’t happen when Kimbo adopted “Dreads”. Dreads are called Dreads because, well, he has a rather practical hairdo to fight, Dreadlocks. Dreads isn’t bad though, he’s a fairly tall guy who’s a bit majestic. The problem with Dreads is that he is relatively unconditional to fight on the streets, and immediately begins to fear him.

The fight opens in a boatyard in Miami with Kimbo sticking out of Hummer White humbly explaining that “It’s not the Champ, but he’s not afraid to beat the Champ.” As the fight continues Dreads keeps his distance for fear that he will take a bribe from Kimbo. As the fight progresses his ponytail tie fails and hair is constantly forced to push back from his face – remember kids, if you are to fight you need an adequate hair tie device Seriously! Kimbo eventually gets a good grip on Dreads and goes down like a bag wearing dreadlocks, again with a bushy eye – like Big D.

As the fight worsens Dreads is shaken well as he lies back on a set of pallets that are in pain. Although injured, it is a good sport about it, but Team Kimbo agrees that this could not be considered a heated fight. Hopefully in the upcoming street fights we will see Kimbo take on a stronger opponent so that his skill and muscle are properly tested.

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