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Kimbo Slice

Kevin Ferguson, now known as Kimbo Slice, is a street fighter who has achieved unprecedented proportions after fighting against people in home videos. He is also a bodyguard for the adult film producer In the VIP. Kimbo became known for his Miami street fight with his backyard brawl videos, starting in 2004.

Kimbo Slice vs. Big D.

The first Kimbo Slice fight was in the Big D yard in Florida. It appeared sometime in 2003. This was the origin of Kimbo Slice, but Kimbo was not referred to by name; both fighters were unnamed. The video was just another street scene captured on tape, though it was much more graphic than the usual YouTube fight videos. With the help of the grotesque damage to Big D’s eye (Kimbo most likely broke his orbital bone as his eye was displaced), and his loving expressions and quotes, this video brought great awareness and scandal to the internet .

Kimbo Slice vs Sean Gannon

Kimbo Slice ‘s first victory came from Old “The Cannon” Gannon, a Boston policeman who offered to fight Kimbo in a secret place. It is not known what the rules are and both combatants claim that the other violated them and hid. As a result, however, Sean Gannon was left standing as Kimbo Slice lay on the floor of the room without bringing himself to his feet as Sean Gannon remained, even after attacking Gannon when it on the ground. In fact Gannon used a choke and knee manuever to his head, but Kimbo tried a takedown and also attacked Gannon from the mount, so both fighters may have broken the rules. The Boston Herald, a Boston newspaper, soon sparked controversy about the fight.

Kimbo Slice and MMA

A few years later Kimbo Slice caught the attention of MMA promoters who saw it as a marketing possibility and a new face of MMA. While Kimbo has brought a lot of new fans to watch the sport, critics argue that these fans are not just watching to see Kimbo fight, and not interested in the mixed martial arts. So far, Kimbo ‘s professional record is 5-0, with victories over Ray Mercer, Bo Cantrell, Tank Abbott, and a close call to James Thompson.

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