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Kutsenko’s Shakalova will compete for the championship FEN belt in the minor welterweight category

Ekaterina Shakalova (6-1, 1 KO, 3 SUB) will host Julia Kutsenko (6-7.2 KO, 2 ALT) at the premiere of FEN 38: LOTOS Fight Night, which will take place on January 22 in Ostrów Wielkopolski. The stake in this match will be the FEN championship belt in the smallweight division.

Skahalova At the FEN 33 premiere, she had the opportunity to show all her skills by unanimously winning points with Izabela Badurek. Two months later, she lost in the second round. Jamila Covenantovercame with a choke from behind. Previously, on the territory of Poland, he easily dealt with points. Rose of Gumienna. He had two duels in 2020 and won both. Won the first match by technical knockout Zoyę Litvinenkogave up on the second Marina Stahalskaya. The Ukrainian has won the title of world grappling champion in the past.

Kutsenko A fighter mixing MMA formula with boxing formulas. He’s doing very well in stand-up – out of 12 fights he’s won, 9 won, 1 drawn and 2 lost. MMA gave up in the third round Udvan Sonomyn Won by full distance from home player in China earlier in December 2020, Hongfeng Ji. Out of 6 victorious duels, Kutsenko won 4 fights in advance, knocked out twice and surrendered his opponents twice.

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