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Le’ville Simpson Head Kick Wins Fury Lightweight Title at Fury FC 45 – MMA Root

In a duel, Nico Echeverry came in first, but Le’ville Simpson landed on what counts, creating an amazing second round and winning the lightweight Simpson Fury Fighting Championship title.

The Fury FC 45, held April 18 at the Bayou Event Center in Houston, Texas, was the second show on Fury’s new show deal with the UFC Fight Pass. The main event featured Echeverry in his first belt defense against Simpson in his second attempt to win it. The first round was conducted entirely on foot, characterized by intense impressive exchanges, as Echeverry changed positions and worked to navigate the highest challenger. Simpson, perhaps waiting for an attempt to remove, used lateral movement, kicks and his long left jab to keep his distance.

Both men appeared more aggressive to start the second frame, and 15 seconds into the lap the champion threw a hard left high kick taken by Simpson. Simpson responded with a right-footed kick that landed his body in the box, making him look exactly right into the jaw. Echeverry came down and Simpson broke, throwing a commotion from hammers and punches as referee JJ Ferraro looked carefully. Moments later Ferraro waved the race, a TKO victory for the “Cadillac” in the 30 seconds of Round 2.

With the victory, the representative of the Elevation Fight Team, Simpson, goes up to 10-5 and takes the light belt of Fury in his hometown in Colorado. Every falls to 9-4 with a defeat.

Glenn Straggles Morris

Kenneth Glenn responded when the opportunity arose, raising a week’s notice and drowning out the lightweight Fury, Will Morris, at the co-main event. Morris put his hand speed and tremendous advantages in height and got to good use in the first round, holding Glenn at the end of the quick jab and falling several knees. Morris pulled Glenn several times in the first round, most likely winning the frame despite resigning in the final seconds. This abolition, however, showed the way to the next. In Round 2, Glenn secured removal despite two fences, and after Morris escaped, he quickly scored another. This time, Glenn quickly picked up Morris, locking a back naked choke, and took the tap in seconds. With the 3:35 submission of Round 2, Glenn is now 9-5, while Morris is 5-2.

Impressive Altum Lands flying triangle

Josh Altum put an absolute jiu-jitsu clinic at the expense of Frank Meno, which ended with a classic triangle. It took just 100 seconds for the W4R Training Center featherweight to give Meno his first career loss. Altum took the fight to the ground using a hip blow, passing almost immediately to ascend. After absorbing a few blows to the ground, Meno turned his back, went outside and used an overhook to try to stand. Instead, Altum rolled under him, locking a drowning triangle as he did so. Meno fought as Altum changed into an arm and then returned to the triangle, forcing the tap at 1:42 in the first round. With the electric finish, the 24-year-old Altum goes to 4-1 as a professional. Meno drops to 3-1.

Oriahi Flying Knee Levels Ageday

Morgan Oriahi claimed that he made an exception for Derrick Ageday, who was missing from his weight, and took it out when the door of the cage closed, crushing him with a throwing knee and continuously recording their fight with a weight of 175 kg. The first round saw Ageday fight successfully, as he beat the tallest man for several possible defeats. However, Ageday clashed his hands with Oriahi’s attacking guard and could not hold him for long, or inflict damage while at the top. Early in the second round, Oriahi launched a beautiful flying knee that struck Ageday with a full face. Ageday stood back and fell to the base of the cage, where Oriahi flew in and landed one last huge right hand to push referee Ferraro into action. TKO officially came in the 40 seconds of Round 2, bringing Oriahi’s professional record to 2-1 and marking a successful comeback after a four-year absence from the competition. With the defeat, Ageday drops to 3-8.

Smotherman Boxes Perez Up remains perfect as a professional

In a classic matchup against grappler, the striker prevailed, as Cameron Smotherman (2-0) made a unanimous unilateral decision over Stephen Perez (5-5). Perez vowed to remove himself from the start bell and after much work, managed to bring Smotherman to the canvas. Smotherman managed to escape unharmed, and as soon as they got back on their feet, his advantage in speed and technique was obvious. For the remaining two and a half laps, the story of the fight was Smotherman’s jab and the right cross, which left Perez’s face bloody and bruised, and a vicious low kick. Perez played the whole game, even when he was limited to pulling the guard, and briefly threatened with a heel hook in the second round, but Smotherman was easily released. A knockout in the final seconds of the match sealed the deal for the 23-year prospect of the Metro Fight Club, which collected 30-27, 30-27 and 30-26 scorecards.

Herrera Mauls Garza

In the slight opening of the main card, the strength and struggle of John Herrera was simply too much for Paul Garza. Herrera hit for removal early and often, taking dominant positions and applying ground-and-pound. Garza had moments of success, especially in the first round when he landed a few knee and knee combinations, but the net strength advantage in the legs belonged to Herrera, who punched Garza in the first round and seemed to be nearing the end of the fight. Garza survived to see the second round, but Herrera got up right where she left off, rocking Garza with a left hook and a standing knee, throwing him on the fence and punching him there. The referee Ferraro moved to the break at 2:30 of Round 2. With the dominant performance, the 27-year-old Herrera moves to 2-0-1 as a professional. Garza drops to 2-2.

Postlims: Hickman makes a successful debut

Taylor Hickman made his professional debut after an extensive amateur run and started things off with his right foot, hitting Christopher McElroy with a choked guillotine in the second round of tonight’s final race. UFC welterweight champion Alex Morono reaches 1-0 and becomes directly interested in the fast-growing Fury lightweight division. In the first postlim, flyweight Francisco Obando cut Chase Eastham with a second-round bar to move to 2-1 as a professional.

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