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Logan Paul Reacts To Jake Paul And Floyd Mayweather *FULL VIDEO* – MMA Root

Logan Paul Reacts To Jake Paul And Floyd Mayweather *FULL VIDEO*

Logan Paul reacts to Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather Video Logan Paul is not very happy with his younger brother Jake Paul right now. Jake Paul stole the show at Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather’s press conference while getting mad at boxer Floyd Mayweather. We all know that the big fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather is happening. But somehow Logan wasn’t the one who ended up pissing off Floyd Mayweather. After the first face-to-face press conference between Logan and Floyd, Floyd was talking to the press and having a good time while explaining what will happen in the fight now. There were very friendly banter between the two fighters, but then Jake Paul got close to Floyd Mayweather and everything changed. Quickly Jake Paul got in Floyd Mayweathers’ face and they argued about them boxing the same night as Logan and Floyd. Although this could have been staged as well and for my eyes only, jake paul did something Floyd didn’t expect. Jake Paul stole his hat. And while this sounds like a harmless joke, Floyd Mayweather really didn’t like Jake Paul doing that. Things got crazy from there, and it looked like punches were thrown. It’s hard to see who took the shots and if something landed. You could see that Jake’s shirt was ripped and stretched after the riot. He and his 30 bodyguards caught up with him. The situation only lasted a couple of minutes before Jake Paul and his team managed to get away from the bodyguards. Even after they left, Floyd Mayweather was still pressured by the situation. .

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