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Manchester United Under Malcolm Glazer

Manchester United is a term known to football fans around the world. It’s a football club, an English football club to be precise. It is based in Old Tafford, UK. They are also known as England’s “Red Devils”. It is one of the most famous and popular football clubs with over 300 million supporters worldwide. 300 million can be roughly estimated as 5% of the total population! They are the most successful and influential club and since the 1990s they are said to be one of the richest clubs in existence. The club had a terrible start in the early stages and was even closed several times due to rising debts.

It was originally said to be called Y&R Newton Health, it was said to be sponsored by a health club. They have been awarded five European awards ever since the club ‘s arrival. This included one international cup, a European super cup, two European champion cups, one cup winning cup. They were also presented with 12 home cups and 16 premiership cups. They were also relevant to the discovery and establishment of the European G-14 football club. Malcolm Glazer, an American businessman, invested in Manchester United in 2005. He had paid $ 1.47 billion just for a 28.7% stake in the team. It was after a year-long battle in the courts that he could eventually get his hands on the team.

He had difficulty claiming the club, due to the facts of the takeover the club was poorer by $ 850 million. Also as a businessman, fans didn’t like the idea of ​​a businessman keeping the aisles of one of the most successful football clubs in the world. They hoped that someone with sufficient knowledge of the sport would invest in the club. Rising ticket prices also angered fans as the club often received large sums from advertisements and sponsorship deals. The vast majority of fans even went without renewing their season tickets for the upcoming games of Manchester United. Songs that admire Glazer and his sons can still be heard on many games played by Manchester United.

Fans around the world were largely unhappy when Malcolm Glazer took over the club. He played no significant role in the arrival of the football club. His children were the ones who had enjoyed the positions of director of the club for some time. Despite these shortcomings, the club has moved forward under his guidance. He spent huge sums of money on the club and even more ripping out the best football players in the world into the club. The club won two major trophies in 2008 itself, the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. It is to be noted that the Glazer group do not interfere in the day to day business dealings of a united Manchester and have abandoned such activities with David Gill, chief executive of a united Manchester. A sharp rise in ticket prices has prompted many loyal fans to stay away from club games.

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