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Manny Pacquiao faces lawsuit from Paradigm Sports Management over breach of contract, injunction to stop upcoming fight – MMA Root

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao faces multimillion-dollar contract violation lawsuit.

The lawsuit filed by Paradigm Sports Management – the same company that represents UFC superstar Conor McGregor and UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya – has filed a lawsuit in Orange County, California, as first reported by The Athletic.

The lawsuit seeks to recover the $ 3.3 million advance payment made by Pacquiao, as well as obtain an injunction to end his upcoming fight against Errol Spence Jr. on August 21.

Paradigm Sports Management, led by President Audi Attar, claims in a lawsuit that the company was negotiating for Pacquiao to face four-division boxing champion Mikey Garcia in his next post-deal bout to represent the boxer. This fell apart after Pacquiao’s business partners, including longtime advisor Sean Gibbons and Vinchell Campos, allegedly stepped in, and he ended up working with Boxing Prime Minister Al Haymon, signing up for a fight with Spence instead.

The lawsuit seeks an advance payment of $ 3.3 million, as well as additional damages after Paradigm also lost Garcia as a client as a result of failing to stage a fight with Pacquiao.

“In addition to the millions of dollars in direct economic losses that Paradigm could suffer, the damage to its reputation as a result of Pacquiao’s violations is incalculable,” Paradigm’s attorney Judd Burstein wrote in the lawsuit.

“Just while Paradigm was at its peak as a major player in professional boxing, Pacquiao destroyed his reputation as a boxing ambassador.”

Paradigm previously announced in February 2020 that the company had begun introducing Pacquiao as a full-service agency, working alongside an already established boxing team. The lawsuit alleges Paradigm previously tried to arrange a separate deal with streaming service DAZN for a multi-fight contract, which also fell apart before Attar then tried to book Pacquiao for a boxing match against McGregor.

When McGregor was defeated by TKO to Dustin Poirier in the second round in January, it dashed any hopes that he would face Pacquiao next time, and Paradigm switched gears again to work on securing the fight with Garcia.

Pacquiao then announced that the fight was against Spence, and Paradigm played no role in these negotiations, especially since the company was notified that the match was scheduled.

Although Pacquiao has not made public statements regarding the trial as he continues to train ahead of the planned fight against Spence, his lawyer Dale Kinsella released a statement Saturday refuting Paradigm’s claims.

“The complaint filed by Paradigm Sports in California state court on Friday is a frivolous attempt to thwart upcoming megaby Manny Pacquiao, and it could fail for many reasons,” Kinsella said in a statement. “Moreover, if Manny Pacquiao had known that Paradigm Sports did not seem to intend to honor its contractual obligations, he would never have entered into any relationship with them.

“If this issue does indeed continue after Friday is filed in court, Mr. Pacquiao will vigorously defend this claim, pursue his claims against Paradigm Sports, and seek reimbursement of his attorney’s fees.”

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