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Martina Jindrova Awarded Professional Fighters League Contact at PFL Challenger Series 3 – MMA Root

Martina Jindrova Awarded Professional Fighters League Contact at PFL Challenger Series 3

Consider Martina Jindrova as the latest addition to the Professional Fighters League roster.

The sophisticated and determined kickboxer did enough to make a divisive decision for Jacqueline Cavalcanti at the main event of the PFL Challenger Series 3 on Friday at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. All three judges in the cage scored 29-28, two of whom sided with Jindrova (4-2). She was then awarded a contract by PFL President Ray Sefo.

Cavalcanti (2-1) mixed their attacks beautifully, made fluid changes of attitude and from time to time won their counterpart in the punch. After a competitive first five minutes, Jindrova hit the accelerator in Round 2. There, she put Cavalcanti to the right, cut her bids for despair and continued to attack her with clean, precise punches in an attempt to finish. Increased efficiency came at a cost, and Jindrova had few things in the tank in the third. Cavalcadi broke the Czech head more than once with his right hand and pushed the issue in the last period, but the break that was needed did not take place.

Meanwhile, Syndicate Jeslen Mishelle’s MMA export eliminated Julia Dorny with punches in the first round of the women’s light sport. Bleeding from an incision in the bridge of her nose, Dorny (2-1) bowed 3:51 in the first round.

Michelle (1-0) combined rhythm with strength and created a toxic mixture. He hit Dorney with his knees from the clinch, put the German up close and raised the heat. Michelle sent one right hand after the other, falling on the face of her fading counterpart. Visible damage began to increase. He sat on Dorny with a combination of two fists, hovered over and pulled the curtain with unanswered fists.

Elsewhere, former Olympic hopeful Jackie Catalin shone in her professional debut as she put Camee Adams to sleep with a naked chuck in the first round of the women’s lightweight traction. A defender of Jeremy Horn, Adams (0-1) lost consciousness 2:41 in the first round.

Cataline (1-0) hit to clear within the first 30 seconds, floated to lateral control and eventually moved to a cross position, whereupon they began throwing strong punches. Adams walked away from the contact, but exposed her along the way. Cataline was spinning behind her, tightening the chuck and turning off the lights.

Finally, Michelle Montague of the American Top Team submitted a naked chuck to Olivia Parker in the first round of the women’s lightweight showcase. Parker (4-3) conceded defeat with 3:57 in the first round, scoring its third consecutive defeat.

Montague (1-0) pushed forward from behind kick-punch combinations, fell on a tummy with his back and climbed to an advantageous position. She applied her ground and foot, moved backwards and went to work on the chuck. Parker endured her initial progress but only prolonged the inevitable. Montague adjusted, put her hands in place, and tightened her grip until the job was done.