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Marvin Vettori calls out Israel Adesanya following suffocating win over Kevin Holland in UFC Vegas 23 main event – MMA Root

Marvin Vettori has his second win in a row in the main event behind him, and now he is demanding a chance for gold.

At UFC Vegas 23 on Saturday, Vettori put on a working performance, hitting Kevin Holland multiple times over five rounds and ultimately winning a unanimous unanimous decision on the referee cards. All three judges endorsed Vettori with 50-44 points across the board as he wins his fifth fight in a row overall.

After Vettori split by decision with reigning middleweight champion Israel Adesanya in 2018, Vettori wants to hit him once again, but this time with five rounds and a UFC title at stake.

“Look, I’m not very happy with what I did there,” Vettori said during an interview after the fight. “I wanted to finish this guy off, but I couldn’t, but it was a dominant win. I’m not the happiest right now, but I keep winning, I keep progressing and I do it dominantly.

“Next I want Adesanya. October, I want to fight him. I think I deserve it. I have the longest winning streak right now. I stage victorious performances. Dominant performances. I want this title. “

Vettori went to great lengths to back this argument with his latest victory when he scattered Holland on the ground, despite all the efforts the middleweight has always been outspoken with to get rid of defeat in his last fight.

As soon as the fight began, Holland immediately got into a fight with Vettori on his feet when he landed some hard punches in the early exchanges. In an attempt to slow Holland’s pace, Vettori closed the distance to start working from a clinch and then dragged the fight to the ground.

While Holland continued to do his best kicking, he struggled to keep Vettori away from his body and legs as the Italian middleweight continued to seek takedowns.

Vettori was able to intimidate Holland on the ground as he maintained a leading position and simply bombarded with punches to continue the punishment. By the end of the second round, Holland had a significant swelling over his left eye from Vettori’s constant barrage of ground punches.

The path to victory for Vettori was clear as he continued to cut off the cage, dive in, and then seek a takedown while continuing his grueling game plan to keep Holland stuck on his back.

While Holland was definitely struggling to stay on his feet, he still managed to land Vettori several thrusting punches every time he managed to act from a distance. Unfortunately for Holland, there were few such opportunities.

As the last five minutes ticked down, Vettori simply lowered Holland to the ground at will, breaking his defenses, and then acted from the mountain. Even when Holland managed to slip out to get back on his feet, Vettori immediately grabbed him by the waist and pulled him back to the mat.

By the time the signal sounded, Vettori had hit 11 total takedowns, a new record for the UFC’s 185-pound division.

Vettori has consistently called for a rematch against Adesanya since their first fight ended with a split decision, but now he’s doing his best to stand out from the crowd as he pursues his first UFC title shot. It remains to be seen if he will be given such an opportunity, but Vettori apparently believes he has done more than enough to get a second chance at The Last Sovereign of Style.

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