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Marvin Vettori decisions Paulo Costa in epic war

While the UFC Vegas 41 main event between lightweight contenders Marvin Vettori and Paulo Costa took place in the light heavyweight division, the fight exceeded expectations.

The two were initially booked for a lightweight competition, but Costa revealed he could not reach the 186-pound mark earlier this week. The fight was then transferred to a catchweight fight before being finalized as a light heavyweight fight.

In the opening round, Costa landed first with a heavy blow to the leg. The Brazilian landed with kicks to Vetori’s body, legs and head. Vettori worked at a boxing distance and began to find a home for his punches. As the round progressed, Vettori worked with Costa and put constant pressure.

In the second frame, Vettori continued to push Costa and Costa continued to use a serious offense. Costa connected with a header that forced Vettori to retreat. Costa came on the attack but could not score a shot that ends the match. Vettori secured a clearance, but failed to keep Costa down.

Late in the frame, Costa reached out and slapped Vettori in the eye. Vettori took time to recover and the referee removed a point from Costa.

In the third turn, Vettori pushed forward and started aiming at Costa’s body. Costa punched, but Vetori absorbed them. Costa changed levels and lowered Vetori. As Vettori tried to get to his feet, Costa put on a guillotine and pulled a guard. Vettori set his head free and won first place. He spent the last minute of the round in the top position, peppering Kostas with punches to the body and head.

In the fourth round, Costa’s performance declined and Vettori continued to take the fight to the Brazilian. Vettori put in combinations but Costa repulsed with heavy shots.

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In the last round, Costa came out as an attacker and wanted to finish Vettori. Vettori closed the distance and tightened but they quickly parted. Costa got rid of loud punches and kicks to the head. Vettori tied him up and searched for a while to remove him. Costa ruled out the attempt. Costa had a bit of a momentum when Vettori tightened up and spent the final moments of the game along the cage. After five rounds of fighting, all three judges scored the match for Vettori. The scorecards read 48-46, 48-46 and 48-46.

“I still want to fight for the best and the belt will come. I want to keep improving. “I’m not chasing the belt too much at the moment,” Vettori said after the victory. “With that said, I still want the 100 percent band. That is still my goal, but I want to fight in the best way. ”