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Matt Brown vs. Bryan Barberena vs. Brad Tavares vs. Brendan Allen at UFC FN December

December’s UFC Fight Night concluded with two duels – Matt Brown – Bryan Barberen and Brad Tavares – Brendan Allen.

heavyweight duel in between matte brown (23-18) I Bryanem Barbereną (15-8) added to the gala list UFC Fight NightIt will be held on December 4 in Las Vegas.

The portal unofficially reported the fight expression

40 years old already Negative returned after a spectacular knockout victory with Dhiego LimaShot during the June premiere UFC Fight Night. Thus, after the losses, the winner returned to the tracks. Miguelem Baezą by knockout and Carlosem Conditem decide.

Bryan Barberena hasn’t recorded a string of victories since 2016. He has been losing more than winning in recent years. Suffice it to say that three of the last four matches have ended on shield. The only victory in this period was a year ago Anthony Ivym. He last played in Octagon in July and lost the most. Jason Witt.

Matt Brown is still a very dangerous fighter, but his stamina and especially his fitness seems to have gone downhill lately. Favorite teenager here will be active Bryan Barberena.

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Estimated Odds:

Matt Brown – 2.50
Bryan Barberena – 1:50

First type:

Bryan Barberena

The December premiere, on the other hand, will be scheduled a little earlier. UFC Fight Night backed by a mid-weight start between the contenders running a series of two victories – Brendanem Allenem (17-4) beat Punahele Soriano I karla robersonand war veteran Bradem Tavers (19-6) left on the conquered field Omariego Ahmedova I Antonio Carlos Junior.

Allen has been honing his stand-up skills a lot lately, but is that enough for a strong kickboxer like Tavares with a cute left straight and a great wrestling defense?

Estimated Odds:

Brendan Allen- 2.15
Brad Tavares – 1.70

First type:

Brad Tavares

UFC FN schedule

155 kilos: Brad Riddell (10-1) vs. Rafael Fiziev (10-1)
170 lb: Matt Brown (23-18) vs. Bryan Barberena (15-8)
155 lb: Claudio Puelles (10-2) vs. Chris Gruetzemacher (15-4)
205 lb: Jimmy Crute (12-2) vs. Jamahal Hill (8-1)
115 lb: Mallory Martin (7-4) vs. Montserrat Ruiz (10-2)
185 lb: Brad Tavares (19-6) vs. Brendan Allen (17-4)

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