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Men’s Jewelry – Modernizing and Refining the Past

Over the centuries men have worn jewelery for a variety of reasons. Some tribes wore necklaces made of the very large leather that came from their slaughter last night and used them to add special items or “pendants” to show certain attributes or virtues. A ground man could put an eagle on his necklace, usually shown to give him dominance and deadly power, to let people know that it was not to be taken lightly. However, another man might put on a symbol like a bear, which usually represents medicine and healing, which a man usually wore the medicine of that tribe. While we know that most people today have used leather as the best choice for jewelery, there are also many examples and proofs of other types. Cord necklaces, made from local plants like hemp, are also commonly used.

While you might not think that today ‘s modern man would come close to him like the primitive hatred that once roamed the land, take a closer look. You might be surprised to see that something hasn’t really changed. Today various UFC fighters wear a unique tribal crocodile and jewelery displaying different attributes or attributes. Masculine pieces like swords, daggers, eagle claws, and skulls are just a few examples of unique jewelery worn by most masculine people today. TV shows like Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Gladiator show a whole new style of ancient Roman jewelery with thick leather chokers and Roman-style carving in the metalwork.

Conversely, rockstars take a different approach to style. Pendants made from guitar picks and accessories made by famous artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and Doors in Memory cover every possible aspect of jewelery wear. Hemp and cord necklaces can be seen on the neck of many famous artists and kicks and these pieces are so close to our ancestors that it is crazy.

In today’s busy and modern world one might think that we will soon see a new evolution in the design and creation of jewelery. However, if you look at the trends of the past you may find that we are not creating a new one, but refining the old ideas and making them perfect for our current taste and style.

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