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Michael Bisping gives Paulo Costa credit for great performance, but calls pre-fight behavior ‘inexcusable’ – MMA Root

Michael Bisping gives Paulo Costa credit for great performance, but calls pre-fight behavior ‘inexcusable’

After Paulo Costa announced that he would not be able to break the middleweight limit for his fight in the UFC Vegas 41 main event with Marvin Vettori, he received a lot of criticism for his apparently frivolous behavior and attitude to the situation.

Former middleweight champion Michael Bisping, who convened the UFC Vegas 41 main event on Saturday night, admitted that he had big problems with how things unfold, especially when it came to Costa was unable to gain weight after a full training session. collection.

“I’m always hard on people who don’t gain weight,” Bisping said during a speech at MMA hour… “There are only two things we can control — you get in shape and you gain weight. If you do not, you are not fulfilling your contractual, professional obligations.

“You don’t respect sports, you don’t respect your opponent, your team. You don’t respect yourself either. “

What started out as a 185-pound fight between Costa and Vettori eventually morphed into a 195-pound interim bout. Then, within a few hours, on the evening before the weigh-in, the fight was changed to a light heavyweight bout. Costa was forced to give 20 percent of his wallet to Vettori as punishment, but he didn’t apologize too much about his own concerns after failing to gain weight.

Perhaps most of Bisping’s grudge stemmed from the way the former title contender behaved after admitting he could not cut him to the middleweight limit, essentially putting the onus on Vettori to decide whether or not. fight or not.

In fact, Vettori could have easily dropped out of the competition because he was contracted to face Kosta in the middleweight division, but the Italian-born fighter had no idea that he would not compete.

“I like Paulo,” Bisping said to Costa. “I’m a fan of him and I have no problem with the way he behaves. But all this failure was unforgivable.

“He didn’t apologize. He didn’t care. It was 195 [pounds] then it was 205, that’s not what you want to see. It was very unfortunate, but that is in the past. “

When it came down to the fight itself, Costa went into a five-round war with Vettori, in which there were several shifts in dynamics.

Costa landed several hard punches throughout the fight, including an absolutely brutal blow to the head that hit him. In turn, Vettori managed to hit with a voluminous play, beating Costa almost constantly to secure the victory by unanimous decision.

“How Marvin Vettori took these punches, he stabbed him in the head,” Bisping said. “Costa tore the body apart. Of course, Vettori got ahead of him, he was busy with busy work, but the big hideous shots that echoed across the bloody APEX as they landed were Costa’s, and he looked gigantic there. Marvin is a big guy. He’s a big, strong and scary dude, but Costa looked like the Incredible Hulk. He was almost like Vitor Belfort on steroids, but not quite. The Incredible Hulk squeezes his veined cock. He was scary, but Marvin took all these pictures and never backed down. I have a lot of respect for both men.

“So much respect for Marvin how he handled this whole script. He didn’t complain. He didn’t feel like a victim. He went out there and met him face to face, fought with fire with fire and won an amazing fight. Play fair with Costa too, because after five rounds he seemed tired, but he kept digging deep and he did the same against Yoel Romero. But it was five rounds, not three, and he still kept pushing and he is still dangerous. He had high productivity. I was on my feet for most of the fight. “

In the end, Vettori won by unanimous decision and Costa will go home with 20 percent of his wallet taken away, along with a decree from UFC President Dana White that he should compete at 205 pounds going forward.

If the outcome had been different, Bisping admits that his dislike for Kostya would likely have widened even further given his attitude. Now, he says, anyone can move forward after a great fight, and Vettori wins despite all odds against him.

“Luckily, Marvin won anyway,” Bisping said. “If he had been defeated, I think I would have felt differently, and I think a lot of people, especially Marvin, would have felt differently, but he won. He won an incredible fight. “