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Michał Andryszak on the change of employer: “FEN’s offer was the most attractive offer in terms of sports”

Michał Andryszak is a player of FEN, the second sporting power in Poland. This information appeared in the media during the publication of the 36th edition. What prompted him to cooperate with this organization? He told this in an interview he gave to the media.

Michael Andryszak (22-10) is one of the most well-known and heavy ones in our country. During the years he started professionally, he performed under the banner of various organizations outside our country or in his own garden. Now their paths have met with Fight Exclusive Night. How did it come about? According to his words, the representatives of the federation gave him very favorable conditions.

We all knew that with the last fight in KSW my contract was going to expire and I was usually a freelancer. Of all the offers I received, the one from FEN was the most attractive in terms of sports. FEN turned out very well according to my expectations. I have to admit, I want to start competing actively next year – not just once or twice a year. They gave me a guarantee in the contract.

The transfer to FEN took place immediately after leaving KSW, so the question remains – has one of Europe’s biggest players made any offers?

The proposal from KSW was very mundane and not very specific. I don’t think they really have an idea for me and they didn’t give me much trouble to change the organization.

Andryszak was last seen in action during KSW 63 in September. Darko Stosic (16-4) and after fighting the entire distance, he finally lost on the referees’ cards. Much has been discussed about the decision itself, but the words of the Poznan representative were more echoed ANKO’S MMAHe said that a possible victory would be a ticket to the UFC for him. It seems – this was also an important factor for him as he decided to connect with FEN.

It turns out that FEN has a lot of understanding for the players and understands such sporting spirit and aspirations. The contract is structured in such a way that I have great flexibility as a player. I am not blocked in any way, and these records are also clearly included here. low hat for FENS.

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Andryszak will have his next duel on November 19. In the fight against number 37 on the gala night Szymon Bajor (22-9). This duel will feature a temporary championship belt, so the winner will then compete for a full title. Olim Thompson (21-13).