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Mike Tyson vs Brock Lesnar| Unbelievable fight

Mike Tyson vs Brock Lesnar| Unbelievable fight

Mike Tyson and Brock Lesnar. Two giants of the sports world and two fighting legends. These two men were champions in their field and represented the top of their territory. Tyson was an animal in the boxing ring, knocked down opponents for fun, and earned a reputation as one of the most destructive warriors who ever crossed the ropes. Lesnar is a multi-disciplinary machine and is the only one to hold the championship in both WWE and UFC at the same time. But what happens if the two of them get into the boxing ring and who gets to the top? Mike Tyson knocked out: Narrator: Tysmithvoice Researcher / Author: Richardm277 Video Editor: Lance Music: Stock Media Image: More Stock Footage: Support the channel with the links below! Twitter:

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