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My Husband and I Fight All the Time – Marriage Advice

Couples tend to argue and engage in light fights sometimes. However, fighting all the time is not very healthy for the relationship.

“What should I do when my husband and I are fighting all the time?”

The reason for fighting

What is the reason for fighting with your husband? There must be something that both of you are unhappy with. Many fights happen because they do not want to compromise in marriage. For example, your husband wants to take control of the fight and win the fight and you also want to have a huge impact on your husband. The problem arises when the two do not want to introduce.

Respect each other

One of the reasons you are always fighting with your husband is a lack of respect in marriage. Mutual trust and respect are very important in marriage. Share and discuss your problems and suggestions with your husband. Get his advice and opinions on any issue you can’t resolve. Tell him how you like to do it and improve this relationship. Spend some time and effort to communicate with him nicely, the misunderstandings will be slowly cleared when both of you are communicating well.

Take a break

Fighting all the time can be very stressful. Take a break from it for a while. This will give both of you time to cool down and think about the problems.

Too dependent or independent

Learn not to depend too much on your husband or he will take control of almost everything. It will yellow as high as it needs to because it calls the shot at home, giving you very little pride in doing what you want it to do. However, you should also not be too independent. Why? Even if you are a “big” woman at work, you should sometimes act like a “small” woman at home. Men tend to be more egoistic than women. Learn to praise him if he has done something right. A little dependent and independent would still be good for you.

I am sure you are tired of fighting with your husband on a daily basis and you are not the only one dealing with all these problems. Even if your husband is not interested in making the marriage better, you can try to save your marriage with the Marriage Tips given.

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