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Nate Diaz, Master of the Moral Victory

Nate Diaz, Master of the Moral Victory

On a night that featured a rescuing middleweight title defense from global superstar Israel Adesanya and a stunning victory crowning the UFC’s first Mexican-born champion, it says a lot that the biggest roar of the night came for a lost fighter. disproportionate unanimous decision victory. Don’t get me wrong, it was a terrific moment in the fifth round of Edwards Diaz – a moment that took the excitement levels to another high entirely. Because up until that point, the fight had been pretty straightforward, despite the quirks of Nate’s performance. Leon was precise in his offense, making sure to manage his risks effectively while still dealing significant damage, making the technical difference between the two known. And while the fight didn’t go up to a high tempo for the most part, it was still interesting to see Edwards slowly fade in that final round – as that was a trend in his career up until this point. If you enjoyed the video, please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel: #NateDiaz #DiazBrothers ✔ For the latest MMA news, standings and breakdowns, visit Written and Voiced by Cillian Cunningham ► Follow on Twitter:

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