Nate Diaz vs Leon Edwards Full Fight Video

nate diaz vs leon edwards full fight, Despite Edwards and Diaz’s markedly different positions in the welterweight division, their fight looks like it could be a lot of fun on paper, particularly when their respective games are put under the microscope.

Last weekend, Edwards fought Nate Diaz at UFC 263. It should have been a dunk. Despite his resilient pull, Diaz is several years past his best and less interested than ever in fighting for anything other than a big pile of cash. Eventually, Edwards was five-to-one favorites to win.

Nate Diaz vs Leon Edwards Full Fight Video

If ever there was an absolutely open opportunity for Edwards to certify his claim to the title once and for all, this was it.

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nate diaz vs leon edwards  In fact, he has won every minute of every round, except the one minute anyone remember, Edwards is more of a kickboxer, supporting his punching game with devastating kicks on all levels, while Diaz is a boxer through and through, with a particular fondness for body work. They are also very different when it comes to volume.

Edwards scores just over 2.5 significant forwards per minute, while Diaz reaches 4.62. However, Edwards is the slightly more accurate striker, nate diaz vs leon edwards landing with a 47 percent clip compared to Diaz’s 45 percent. The Brit also absorbs far less punishment, absorbing just over 2 points per minute compared to Diaz’s 3.78.