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No one is loyal to me, we are loyal to each other. Loyalty is a two way r…

No one is faithful to me, we are faithful to each other. Loyalty is a two-way street. Coaches and Students Students and Coaches Old school morality. 👉🏽 IMPORTANT ⚠️ Put on your mask and check your temperature when entering our gym ⚠️ Do not come to train with symptoms associated with COVID, flu or common cold Listen to your body. Even if you feel a little “off”, stay home! ⚠️ Take a two-week break or get tested if you come in contact with someone who has symptoms or who has tested positive. 👍🏼 Everyone’s goal is to ensure the safety of our tribe. Register now for your free trial class at 16 Beaver Brook Rd Rear (Gray Doors) Danbury, CT 06810 (203) 628-7659 Buy online at: www.korebjjstore. com www.americantopteamdanbury .com

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