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“One question, when?” – Mamed Khalidov against Welterweight Champion Soldic

Roberto Soldic, who once again successfully defended the championship trophy, which reached 77 kilograms, also wants to reach a higher category belt that currently belongs to Mamed Khalidov. Apparently, he also shares his desire to fight, so it could be a hit fight soon!

Roberto Soldic (19-3) passed the gloves with an experienced Czech during KSW 63, Patrikiem Kinclem (24-10). It all came to an end in the third round, when Robocop, after successfully countering the knockdown, took a suitable position to play freely. A series of heavy blows struck the suitor’s guard and head, and after a while the judge interrupted the meeting.

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Immediately after the end of the war, the Croat clearly jumped out of the round cage and rushed to the owner of the championship trophy weighing up to 84 kilograms – Mameda Halidova (35-7-2). The gentlemen argued for a long time and most likely began negotiations about their confrontation. As the legend of the Vistula MMA scene unfolds right after the event, they are both eager to pick up the gloves. Only the date of this accurate battle will be agreed upon.

Of course I want to fight him. The only question is when this war will take place. Now he has a fight, he probably needs a rest. I would also like to perform, but I suspect there will be a fight with him, early next year. It is the KSW officials who will decide. For now, I’m going back to training. I feel a bit uncomfortable when it comes to the post-surgery spine, and I need to screw myself up and see how it feels. For such a duel I need at least four or five months after this break.

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Khalidov was last seen in action in October last year. He played in the rematch at the gala with the number 55. Scotttem Askhamem (19-5) ended immediately in its first version with an incredibly effective knockout.