Paul vs. Askren weigh-in results: Ben Askren (191), Jake Paul (191.5), Frank Mir 70 pounds heavier than foe – MMA Root

Jake Paul, surrounded by an 8-foot robot with a tattoo on his stomach, did not fail to bring a circus atmosphere to the official weigh-in of his boxing match with Ben Askren.

The heavily tattooed Paul weighed 191.5 pounds, while Askren, protected only by slippers (and ex-UFC champion Tyrone Woodley), reached 191 pounds. That confirmed their eight-round heavyweight bout on Saturday at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

As in the official press conference for the second Triller Fight Club event, Paul and Askren exchanged insults into the microphone. Despite his robots, Paul looked like a much more serious figure than the completely random troll Askren.

Introduced by Hall of Fame announcer Michael Buffer, Askren first chastised Paul’s entourage for “interrupting the legendary Michael Buffer.” It was terrible. Rude guys.

Paul was fully occupied: “I see a guy who underestimates me. I see a guy who said, “I need to give a shit on a throw-in.” This is the last 24 hours we’ll all have to hear from Ben Askren, and now it’s about Shadow. “

Shadow was Paul’s bodyguard who made a bold prediction of his victory before his untimely death.

“We’ll see,” Paul said. “I don’t think he survived two rounds. Look at the guy. He has a beer belly. It is clear that he did not take training camps seriously, and we all talked. We put on some entertainment. But now it’s time to let your fists fly. “

Askren could not allow this to be the last word. Before leaving, he stopped announcer Ray Flores.

“Another thing, people told me, but I didn’t realize until I got this close, but this hairline is moving back very quickly,” he said.

Another MMA star on Saturday’s fight card, Frank Mir, also raised eyebrows by gaining 276 pounds, 70 pounds more than his rival former IBF champion Steve Cunningham. The two looked several weight classes apart and looked at each other politely.

Here are the official weigh-in results for Paul and Askren:

Jake Paul (191.5) vs. Ben Askren (191)

Regis Prograis (143) – Ivan Redkach (142)

Steve Cunningham (206) vs. Frank Mir (276)

Joe Fournier (187) vs. Reikon (178.5)

Junior Yunan (171.5) vs. Jason Minda (171.5)

Quinton Randall (149) vs. William Jackson (144)

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