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PFL headliner Anthony Pettis wants to win world titles, not ‘popularity contests’ – MMA Root

Anthony Pettis is gearing up to have his first PFL fight.

Well, second if you count this. But it looks like the former UFC lightweight champion is waving goodbye to the pressure to remain popular, as you would expect when you appear on the cover of Wheaties, and win world championships again.

That kicks off with a Clay Collard headliner on April 23 on ESPN2.

“I’ve been in the UFC for so long, I’ve fought everyone, in three different weight classes, there’s not much else I can do in that organization,” Pettis said. “I’m a little out of that popularity contest. So this year I can become a champion in the PFL. That’s another big goal of mine, to become another champion before I leave this sport and stop fighting for good. They are giving me the opportunity to do it before December. “

Pettis, who turned 34 in January, parted ways with the UFC after winning back-to-back fights over Donald Cerrone and Alex Morono. In the process, “Showtime” pushed its record to 24-10 with 11 knockouts and seven appearances.

A couple more could put him up against PFL lightweight champion Natan Schulte.

“The point system with all these back-to-back fights makes me nervous, and that’s a good thing,” Pettis continued. “I haven’t been nervous for a long time. I’m in Milwaukee for winter training. I have a beautiful house in Vegas that I could be in. And things like that make me want to go back and I like it, I, I need to concentrate. I need to do the job again. I feel like I’m back to the beginning, so to speak. ”

Collard will undoubtedly try to keep it there on April 23.

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