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Picks for UFC 261: Usman vs Masvidal 2 1. I have Smith winning because of his e…

Picks for UFC 261: Usman vs. Masvidal 2 1. I have Smith winning because of his experience and believe he is a more complete fighter. Crute is still very young but he is a top prospect. This fight will be great. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Smith under Crute. 2. Chose Weidman because he is the most oppressed. Hall is really hesitant and he was also controlled in the clinch by Silva and I think we’ll see Chris making his way to a decision. Weidman has a sus chin so it’s a risky bet. 4. I have Zhang beating Rose but it won’t be a big blow by any means. This is the most competitive fight and it will be the fight of the night. The failure will happen soon. 5. Of course, Valentina is my choice. Easily one of the most complete and best fighters in the world. Jessica will be competitive early on, then Valentina will strike once she finds an open and finishes Andrade. 6. This also does not need to be discussed. It’s Chadmaru Usman. If it’s not Colby, it’s not going to be competitive anything. Usman will break Bumsvidal in 4 rounds and finish him in 5th.

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