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Probably my most anticipated fight aside from Chadmaru’s throwdown. Quick note:…

Probably my most anticipated fight outside of the fall of Chadmaru. Quick note: I used Joanna for both clips because she fits the criteria for both fighters: taller than Weili, sniper-y; Striking high volume range for Rose. We’ll start with Namajunas, at the center of DC’s famous THUG ROSE song. Rose is an exceptionally smart fighter, and right off the bat I will say she hits deceptively. You wouldn’t expect it, but the effect is visible every time she lands clean and she surprises people. I won’t say she has bad cardio, but she does tend to fade a bit faster when she’s facing good pressure, and cut that off with a pacy strike and it happens even faster. Andrade dived and feigned a lot, then surprised her with exaggerated power strikes, which the champion does A LOT of. Zhang Weili herself is a technical freak packed with artful style. The difference is, while doing reads, she will still put it on you and crack you like a whip to keep earning the spins, which will open you up for further reads down the line. His ability to do readings is something to see, as much as his polite strike paired with his range of clever wrestling acts. Almost like a female Petr Yan. These are the ranged snipers she struggles with, and Rose brings her own wrestling prowess to the table as well. A few small things – Rose arguably hits harder than Zhang, but Zhang has a chin on her, at least enough to take that kind of power, and her pace and pressure will be key, as the combat IQ is dead even in this one. I see him being competitive in the early rounds, and I expect to see a lot of left-handed work from Rose, given the success Joanna has had with attacks from the left side; I also expect a lot of body work from Weili, especially those devastating knees. Overall, I see this unfolding similar to Usman vs. Covington – an early success for Rose, but those body shots will take their toll and eventually Zhang will catch up. And when she sees blood in the water, the final sequence unfolds. Weili TKO4.

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