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Programa ROLEO TROPICAL – 15 / maio / 2021 – Tenente Laurentino Cruz / RN – MMA Root

Programa ROLEO TROPICAL – 15 / maio / 2021 – Tenente Laurentino Cruz / RN

Or the TROPICAL ROLEO program that Saturday disembarks in the highest city of the state of Rio Grande do Norte, Holding Laurentino Cruz. A city that in this winter season, its temperature can reach 15 ° C, being considered one of the coldest cities of our RN. . At the official installation of the municipality or city on January 1, 1997, through the possession of the first elected prefect, Airton Laurentino Júnior, who would continue his management in front of the new city of Potiguar. Because it is a municipality with a peculiar relief (not regional context), it is possible to have a common climate not in the interior of the Brazilian Northeast, Tenente Laurentino Cruz has, regrettably, a high tourist potential, despite the lack of a precarious infrastructure and unable to attend a large number of tourists. In the landscape, we highlight the natural views, which serve as a point of observation and lazer, especially at the end of the week. . And it will be here that Léo Souza will venture for a trip with some local cyclists, to chegarem at the highest point of the city of the state. I will also know a face that a youth discovers a talent and that page reviews for many people in the city through a very cool social project. Léo will recognize the history of Galego do queijo, a person of an enormous humble one who does not recognize the quality of his product, chegou to Paris, in France. And as I could not leave to be, let’s go to RN Profundo with your Leoncio, a senhor who will inspire you and leave you happy to know that there are rich people in culture like him, in an isolated place in the sertão. . Tudo isso e muito mais você vai conferring no nosso TROPICAL ROLE. Assista, deixa seu like e compartilha nosso program. All Saturday, 1:30 pm, on the screen of TV Tropical affiliated Record TV no RN, which we have found marked with LEO SOUZA fazendo or ROLEO by our State to show you a little more da nossa historyia. . If you know someone as an inspiring life story, or if you fear something in your city that still burns you, send your story to or e-mail [email protected] – give all the details of the story, serious meios In short, our investigation team can enter into contact with you. . Access and see all of them as complete materials from this other program already on display. . # léosouza #roleotropical #tenentelaurentinocruzrn #tvtropical #riograndedonorte # regiãoseridó #potiguar #leosouza #apresentador #leorota #cultura #entretenimento # educação #aventura #esporte # culinária #music #arte #historias #pareluthaso # guario # florânia #alexandria #telentelaurentinocruz.

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