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Rafał Kijańczuk scored Vlado Neferanovic. The Pole is back on the path of victories!

Rafał Kijańczuk (MMA 9-4-0) fought a successful duel at the gala Army Fight Night Special Edition. The Pole scored at the full distance Vlado Neferanovica (MMA 6-6-0).

The duel started calmly, but with the next seconds and actions, they both got more and more active. Kijańczuk hit with a high kick in the middle of the round, but the rival quickly returned to the stand-up. Neferanovic also had his own moments, hitting the opponent’s jaw with strong sickles. One and a half minutes before the end of the round, the WCA Fight Team player managed to get a lead, and then repeatedly dealt very strong blows, controlling his position.

Kijańczuk managed to descend to the ground floor in the first minute of the second edition. For the next four minutes, the WCA Fight Team fighter remained in the down position, beating Neferanovic from time to time to keep the referee from stopping the fight and ordering him to return to the stand-up.

In the third round, after a moment of stand-up and clinch exchanges, Rafał Kijańczuk again led his opponent to the ground floor. In this respect, the Pole kept his rival under control all the time, giving him no chance to return to the stand-up.

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